Mastermind!! Fitness & Wellbeing #recoverymatters

by Fitness & Wellbeing Club in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Mastermind!! Fitness & Wellbeing #recoverymatters
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My aim is to set up a fitness and wellbeing club to support people with mental health and addiction issues.

by Fitness & Wellbeing Club in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello!! :) about me, as a kid I was very athletic and always playing numerous sports Football, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball etc and had shown a really early that I had a real talent at Football. Going through Primary School that is all I ever wanted was football, football, football! but by the time I hit High School that all changed. Peer pressure kicked in, going out with friends drinking and taking drugs seemed more appealing sadly. My behaviours changed I went from this very active child who was very good academically also, to this young teen full of aggression and in the early stages of suffering from mental health problems. I finally left school or should I say I was told not to come back at 16 and started working as a Plumber in where I eventually qualified 4 years later. My early teen stuff still continued and it eventually got worse, in which I became a full blown alcoholic who suffered from extremely bad mental health. I battled it for numerous years on and off, until eventually enough was enough and I throw in the towel and asked for help and how gratefully I am today that I did. 

Since getting into recovery I learned a lot, what I was suffering from? why I was suffering? and support and help on how to have a positive life. I learned that keeping my thoughts and feeling built up in me and not sharing with someone for help that I reacted on them, and my coping mechanism at that time was drink and drugs. I hated myself and hated the way I thought and felt with using that took it away, well so I thought, not knowing it actually made it 10X worse. When in treatment I started to learn ways to make me feel better and ways to change me without drink and drugs and that was through one to one support, exercise, meditation, yoga, group work, art and nutrition. 

And this is what I want to pass on to others that are struggling and looking for help. My idea and vision is to set up a fitness and wellbeing club, that will help teach the mind and train the body to individuals so that they can have a healthy positive life. There will be long list of therapeutic classes that will be getting delivered on a daily basis, as well as personal training, fitness classes and groups and access to gym equipment. There is going to be set programmes for mental health and addiction recovery, where people will get the chance to take part in group work to learn what and why there struggling with these issues and regular one to one support. Fitness will also be added so not only will they learn about there issues and learn about recovery they will also get group work personal training included to help with long term recovery. Healthy mind and body!! The club will be open to everyone in the community and classes also, my project is at really early stages and the money I would be raising is to secure premises and equipment and get ball rolling on helping others. Thank you for taking time to read over my idea and a bit about me and how passionate I am on helping others.


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