Master's Degree Funding

by Damian Brenlla in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Master's Degree Funding
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of my project is to fund a part-time masters degree in "interdisciplinary design of the built environment".

by Damian Brenlla in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

The idea is to fund a master's degree related to the interdisciplinary design of the built environment. Why this is important? Being a structural engineer with years of experience in the domestic and residential sector in England, I am aware of the 2 more common problems that my generation is facing in the near future: an unaffordable housing market and an unsustainable construction industry. As an engineer, helping society is my final purpose and apart from making buildings safer, making them affordable and sustainable should be a priority as well. As I am progressing in my career, giving my knowledge back to society is a priority and I believe that this master could shed some light on these ambitions. Hopefully, to design greener and more efficient buildings will be a required standard for all construction professionals in the near future.  Unfortunately, without any funding, I will not be able to apply for this degree.

Let's make 'Master's Degree Funding' happen