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Help Students, Help Teachers, and Help Me Study Master 

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Help Students, Help Teachers, and Help Me Study Master 

My name is Wahid Yunianto, from Indonesia. I am a mathematics teacher trainers. I am responsible to provide training programs for mathematics teachers in Southeast Asia. 

Becoming inspiring teachers and helping other teachers are my passion. 

Based on my experience, many students do not like mathematics, and often teachers make students afraid of mathematics. 

Research find that there is a strong relationship between teachers' quality and students' perfomance. 

Therefore, I want to help students love mathematics and improve their perfomances by helping mathematics teachers.

I am now still a novice trainer. A lot of things I need to learn to give the best to participants.

In order to be more professional, I have to learn more and gain skills and knowledge needed and I decide to pursue further education. 

I have an offer letter to study at the Universty of Bristol for MSc Mathematics Education for September intake 2016.

I am so happy to get this offer because the University offers courses that will improve my knowledge and skills in mathematics education.

However, I have difficulties funding my study. I have tried any possible scholarships offered by the University and other sources. Recently, it is not easy to get scholarship especially for international students.

I really need your help fund my study. The money raised will be used to pay the tuition fee only. Now, I am working hard and save some money to support my living cost there, eventhough I will be very difficult. I still look for possible bursaries to support my living cost. 

Your contribution will enable me to help students and mathematics teachers in Southeast Asia. Even your small contribution, will be a big thing to me and to our future. 


Thank you very much.

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