Mass Production of Products

by Stephen Neale in Poulton Le Fylde, England, United Kingdom

Mass Production of Products
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To bring our formulated male grooming and beauty products to the public and to be able to finance mass production.

by Stephen Neale in Poulton Le Fylde, England, United Kingdom


Since Maskalin was formed, we have built a significant presence within the UK and European market across personal and commercial sectors. Over the last couple of years we have invested carefully into the business, being in this position allows us to be more competitive in the market and offers, as well as providing vendors certainty and reliability when dealing with us, a reputation which is valuable. 

From our roots in the male grooming and beauty industry, Maskalin has grown its product portfolio to cater for all types of clients. We intend to sustain this growth and develop further new, exciting products for our clients. Maskalin is always researching and developing the new best products for the market. 

The future years ahead of us will be some of the most exciting times in our company history as we aim to increase in size and efficiency, thanks to our dedicated in house team and out external professional partners. 


At Maskalin we have spent years in creating male beauty and grooming products, after extensive work we have finalised our product formulas which we take great pride in! We have finalised all product designs, barcodes, trademarks and copyrights for all our products. We want to bring the products we have developed to the market, however this requires substantial investment as to manufacture our finalised products there is minimum order quantities for each product, this is why we are here. Looking for the financial support to penetrate the market. 

The money will be used to purchase a significant amount of finalised bottles, compacts and packaging products from our well trusted suppliers, Also the money will be invested in the filling and sealing of the products. 

The aim is to mass produce our product portfolio and to give Maskalin the real chance it deserves to be one of the leading male grooming companies around.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Entry into our annual Maskalin Competition

Entry into our annual Maskalin competition, where the winners get to spend time with the company they have invested in and spend the day on a go karting track day and then to enjoy the evening with drinks and a meal in a selected city.

£30 or more

MSK Gym Towel

A designer MSK Maskalin Gym/face towel will be sent to you.

£50 or more

MSK - Maskalin Cap

A designer MSK cap will be gifted to you as a token of your appreciation.

£500 or more

Samples of all products in our portfolio

You will be sent generous samples of all our products that will be mass produced these products include; - Face Wash - Exfoliating Scrub - Moisturiser - Tinted Moisturiser - Scented Moisturiser - Concealer - Beard Filler - Anti-Age Eye Serum

£1,000 or more

Be the Boss!

All of the above and you will be invited to a board meeting where you can meet the Director of the company and discuss the business model and add any suggestions, you will also have you very own beauty product designed and manufactured specifically to your own liking. If the company approve of it, it will even be released to the market!

Let's make 'Mass Production of Products' happen