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To provide free high quality, scientifically proven reusable/washable face mask to the most vulnerable to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread

by Leukaemia Busters in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Masks 4 The Masses UK Campaign

This Masks for The Masses UK campaign falls outside our usual remit of funding scientific research for new leukaemia treatments but we felt justified under the current circumstances and couldn't just stand idly by. We felt compelled to at least try to make a contribution that would help us all towards a return to some normality but WITHOUT the fear of a second COVID-19 wave. None of us wants that.

Let's Do All We Can to Prevent a Second COVID-19 Spike

As lockdown eases and social distancing is reduced in the UK there comes with it the very real risk that COVID-19 will begin to spread again. Face mask use is one way to help prevent this, as proven in countries where their use has been mandatory from early on in the pandemic. Every single individual has been seriously affected by the pandemic and any action that will help prevent a slip backwards after three months of hard earned lock down is to be welcomed. Face mask use offers a simple low tech approach that scientific evidence suggests will make a huge difference and help us back to normality much more quickly and safely.

Medical Research Badly Affected by COVID-19

The work funded by Leukaemia Busters has been badly affected by the pandemic with the potentially life-saving research on hold for the past three months. We are as desperate as anyone to ensure that we don't slip backwards and then have to face future lockdowns and the dire consequences that would have. That's why we decided to launch this campaign to supply reusable/washable technically proven face masks to the most vulnerable to make some small contribution to stemming the transmission of COVID-19 in the community. Please see our recent blogs on this issue starting with this one:- https://leukaemiabusters.org.uk/blog/blog-mask-up.

Face Masks Will Undoubtedly Help Prevent COVID-19 Spread


In March at the beginning of lockdown in the UK the charity's directors identified a manufacturer of four layered masks made from materials known to contain droplet infection from infected individuals and also offer some protection from others to the wearer. Our charity's directors have already privately distributed 1,000 of these at their own personal expense (not through the use of charity money). As a registered charity with a clearly defined objective we cannot and would not consider using the charity's donated money for this purpose, that would be a serious breach of Charity Commission rules. We can however under these unprecedented circumstances make a specific crowdfunding appeal for funds to purchase masks that is not part of the charity's usual remit.

Good Intentions

The intention is that we raise funds to provide a FREE reusable mask to the most vulnerable in our society. We will use the funds raised to purchase the masks required then distribute these through local councils and other social charities to where they are most needed.

Let's make 'Masks 4 the Masses UK' happen

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