Elect Mary Fee for Renfrewshire North & West

Elect Mary Fee for Renfrewshire North & West

Mary Fee is the Scottish Labour candidate for Renfrewshire North & West; the candidate offering an alternative to SNP & Tory austerity.

We did it!

On 22nd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,360 with 14 supporters in 42 days

The Renfrewshire North & West Constituency Labour Party is raising funds for the Scottish Parliament elections on 5th May 2015 and our excellent and talented candidate Mary Fee. 

(please note that donations can only be accepted from UK residents)

Mary Fee has represented the people of Renfrewshire North & West for the last 5 years as Member of the Scottish Parliament for West Scotland and now we aim to return Mary to Holyrood as the constitucney MSP for the area she lives, works and has raised her family in.

The elections on 5th May provide the people of Scotland with the opportunity to move on from the 9 years of SNP-rule with their grievances and constitutional bickering by voting for the anti-austerity alternative in Scottish Labour.

The Scottish Labour Party opposes the unjust attacks on local government by the Edinburgh SNP who are forcing £500million cuts on public services such as education, environment and social care. We understand that the Scottish Government is facing a 2-3% cut in its funding by the Tories, however we totally oppose the budgetary contraints doubled by the SNP to councils across Scotland and right here in Renfrewshire, where the council now face a 4.5% cut to its budget when it planned for an expected 2%. This will have a massive effect on frontline services and jobs and this is why the Renfrewshire North & West CLP wholly support the 1% increase to the Scottish rate of tax. This will protect thousands of jobs and anyone earning less then £20,000 per year will be better off.

People in Renfrewshire North & West deserve better and that is why we are asking you to support Mary Fee and help our campaign.

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Promoted by Gareth Brown, on behalf of Renfrewshire North & West Constituency Labour Party, both at 146 Netherhill Road, Paisley PA3 4SB.

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