Marvelesque Cabaret!

The culture of cabaret and burlesque has been here since the 16th Century and I intend to keep it alive and shimmering! First lesson free!

We did it!

On 17th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £146 with 9 supporters in 42 days

                                               Life is a Cabaret!

I want to celebrate and share the culture of burlesque and cabaret, it has changed my life completely!


Have fun learning new skills,  it's also a great way to improve how you see yourself, improve mental health and promote equality and diversity.

We want you to come and join us!

Being this marvellous *get it...Marvellous...Marvelesque ;)* costs money. We need help to be able to offer the lessons, rehearsals and costume making workshops!

Help us achieve our goal of bringing cabaret and burlesque back to the forefront of Dundee and Angus!

Lessons, you say?

Yes! Lessons! We will be starting a new lesson block in the new year, to be held in the Showcase the Street dance studio in Unit 6, Manhattan Works, Dundonald Street.

Try your first lesson with us for free! After that only £5 per lesson and discounts available through block booking. See some of our rewards for a block booking discount!

Want another free lesson? Simply bring a new person with you and both get your lesson for free!

 Our Vision87280-c2454b555154a42cf241b00b2e74a9d7.j

  • Teach open cabaret, burlesque and costuming lessons.
  • Try your first lesson for free!
  • Bring this wonderful culture to the forefront of local entertainment and activities.
  • Run cabaret shows featuring our learners and local performers. 
  • Improve mental heath, self esteem and body confidence.

With the money raised we will:87280-bb99f3b7efcfe321bae39b8c26292e9f.p

  • Rent the dance rehearsal space at Showcase the Street for the next lesson block where we can practice and teach.
  • Build a good working relationship with more show venues around Dundee to showcase our performers and our students.

Planned Shows!

We have two shows in the works just now! A charity performance with the Geekmania Convention with all the proceeds going to the PDSA, a charity that cares for sick animals. Come and support us and the charity on December 3rd!

Our next Marvelesque performance will be on Saturday the 11th of February for our Valentines Showcase. 


Tell Me More!


I love burlesque and cabaret! I have from the moment I laid eyes on my first show as I sat in awe, I remember thinking how fabulous it all looked, how amazing it must feel to be up there and dreamed that one day maybe this shy little girl could be a part of that world. After a couple years I finally worked up the courage to audition for a new troupe that was starting up in Glasgow and I adored the thrill of it, the fun of learning how to perform and the camaraderie of the burlesque and cabaret scene. We performed all over Glasgow and Dundee as a troupe and individually over Scotland. (Image right is me back then!)


Unfortunately, I got really sick and had to step back from performing, whilst overcoming my new disability I decided that what better way to defeat my demons that to dance at them! On the days that I can't walk, I plan and organise from home! And thus Marvelesque Cabaret was born, a Dundee based show featuring local and Scottish performers which has now evolved into teaching a troupe of dancers and a school of students from all walks and abilities of life, raring to go headfirst into the wonderful world of cabaret and burlesque. (Image left is me now!)


The culture of cabaret and burlesque has been around since the 16th century! You can thank the Victorians for evolving the culture into the tantalising stage show that it is now, of course burlesque and cabaret are always evolving and changing to keep up with the current styles. It is comforting to know that we are keeping this part of history alive and making our own mark on it now. And who knows, I could be teaching the next Dita Von Teese, it could be you! 

Social Aim!

A social enterprise needs a social aim, and we are no different.

I want to share an artform, a culture with anyone who wants to try it, heck even some who didn't really want to but have been dragged along by an over-eager friend and end up having fun in the lessons without wanting to perform.

The benefits of regular exercise no matter how gentle are really wonderful and can help keep you fit and mobile. Getting outof the house and socialising does wonders for mental health too, even if you are shy, there is no need to talk, simply come and dance and be in the presence of others. Learning a new skill is good for the soul, contributing to a common project is enjoyable and can be extremely rewarding.

I also want to end the stigma that some associate with cabaret and burlesque especially. Yes some of the performances include  a strip tease, but sexuality is a part of who we are and it should be celebrated in all its forms. We are performing, dancing, showing an expression of ourselves, of the stories that we want to tell. There is so much more to cabaret and burlesque than most people think and so many people are missing out on something that they might love, given the chance. So here I am, and here is your chance!

Previous Shows!

All of the gorgeous people in our posters are performers and friends, with absolutely no body editing! We are here to promote body confidence with the body you have!





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