Marty Caine for Poole MP #GE2017

by Marty Caine in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Marty Caine for Poole MP #GE2017
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On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £130 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Raising campaign funds for the General Election to be held on June 8th 2017. Marty Caine is standing as the DDIP candidate for Poole.

by Marty Caine in Poole, England, United Kingdom

On June 8th 2017, Marty Caine leader of Demos Direct Initiative Party (DDIP) will be standing as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Poole in Dorset.  DDIP is a new UK political party that was officially registered on January 30th 2017. Whereas we thought we had two to three years to create a new kind of political party, based on Direct Democracy, due to the sudden snap General Election that has been called by Theresa May we suddenly had six to eight weeks.  To show we are committed to creating real change for the better in British politics, party leader Marty Caine has agreed to stand in his local constituency of Poole. 

We do fully realise as a new party this is going to be an uphill battle but we do believe that a party that empowers its membership to shape party policies, structure and direction is the best way to change British politics for the better. In DDIP we strongly believe in giving people a voice and the collective thoughts of the many will always find better solutions faster than the selective opinions of the few.

By standing in this election we hope to give the people of Poole an opportunity to send a message to government to show their discontent with the austerity measures imposed that have been diversly effecting us all, we also hope it will help to promote the DDIP Save Our Loo's campaign which the petition we started only last month will end on May 3rd because of this General Election and we intend to restart a new one directly after the election. 

Though we are a new party we are fully committed to creating change.

Sadly neither Marty Caine nor DDIP are allowed to accept anonymous donations greater than £50 due to Electoral Commission rules. Annonymous donation are classed as an impermisible donation and we must return it within the 30 day period. If we don’t do so, we will be deemed to have accepted it. If we accept an impermissible donation, we may have to forfeit it. We may also have committed a criminal offence. 

You can see the rules in regards to Crowdfunding on the Electoral Commission website here:

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