Martin Kelly and Aontú for Newry / Armagh

by Dr Anne McCloskey in Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Martin Kelly and Aontú for Newry / Armagh


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by Dr Anne McCloskey in Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Aontú is working to protect the human right to life for all from conception to natural death. Aontú believes that all the people of the north of Ireland have more in common with each other than anyone in London and that all our futures are best served by making our decisions here in Ireland. We refuse to accept any hardening of an already unacceptable border in our country because of Brexit and decisions made in London. We will continue to make the intelligent arguments for a United Ireland. We are reaching out to all traditions as we strive to ensure we have a pluralist society where people of all faiths and none can thrive and flourish. 

“For too long now there has been no political party standing up for the core values I and many people share. When Aontú was formed earlier this year I felt I needed to make a stand and get involved. I am now asking for everyone who shares our principles of the right to life, unity of our people and country, and economic justice for all citizens to join Aontú and support us in the months and years ahead.” - Martin Kelly

MLAs are getting hundreds of thousands of pounds in salaries and expenses while absent from work. MPs, whether they take their seats or not, are raking it in with expense claims. They are benefitting from the people's money while benefits for the people are disappearing. Please help us make a change and donate today!

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