A new sustainable clothing brand which "Gives Back" to communities which help to support us, integrating customers like no brand before.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our vision for marsplusone is not only to create a successful business, but to create a successful community to eventually help develop a sustainably sourced brand, with a truly collective conscience.

To provide sustainable clothing combined with real advances in technology within production, delivery and wear and to create a brand with real consumer relations to "Give Back" to communities around us, without comprimising utility and style.  

Our vision is to develop customer relations to a degree where we can collaborate and develop products specifically suited to them. Furthermore the delivery of our brand will be completely new, involving anyone who would like to get involved to earn an income, helping those in difficult circumstances to start earning an income. 

Community is another important aspect of our structure, our integration with our customer base will set us apart from other brands allowing individuals to get involved and interact with the brand itself. To do so, a portion of our profit from each item will go towards local communities be that in the form of local charities, schools/universities and eventually large local events to bring people together. This won't only be for consumers, our groups of "Plus Ones", in other words our vendors, will be able to earn to their own timetable and the more they earn the more they themselves will be rewarded. After enough cash flow is created within an area, events will be held for "Plus Ones" allowing us to get to know them, and them to get to know each other. 

The reason why we believe this is a great new business proposition is a result of the lack of understanding between brands and customers. We aspire to be a brand not only known by name, whether we are designer or not, we want to be known for the events which we will hold for our community. Students, kids, graduates and most of our society are conscious of the brand they wear at least one stage of their life, yet why don't we move away from the traditional idea of a brand, which works by merely producing a new line of clothing each season or year. Isn't it time for involvement? Isn't it time from a new type of brand for a new era? Let's create communities from our brand, rather than judging one another on the label they wear and letting it seperate us. 

Let us create a brand of collaborative style, sustainability and function. Let's give back to the communities which help us achieve our goals, through "Giving Back" we will develop a new clothing culture.

This is marsplusone.