Marple Villa F.C

Marple Villa F.C

We are looking to raise £1000 to help with the running costs of a much loved football team. We play in the East Cheshire sunday league.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We were running succesfully around 18 months ago making numerous cup finals and a promotion but due to a change of direction with management we were unable to cover the huge running costs for a football club in the north west.

Pitch Fees: £800

League administration + League approved accessories £ 200+

We believe in this team and the idea behind it so are starting again with help from your fine selves we hope to get the community together. We charge signing on fees and training subs to cover most costs and also run numerous events through out the year to rise capital to improve but unfortunately this can be difficult to get ahead and not just get by.

At the start of this new season we will be purchasing a new kit and training equipment we also have a website where sponsor advertising space can be agreed upon donation. The kits and jackets  require sponsorship which will be ideal for a local business as we play all across east cheshire borough.

Every little helps please dig deep.