MARKS Printing

MARKS Printing

Help me with the investment to fulfil my ambition of forming my own business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

For over a year I have occupied myself with screen printing, and have successfully produced various designs on T-shirts for friends and family. There have been shirts for occasions such as holidays, bachelor and hen parties, birthdays, and so on. More and more people are asking me for a print for their T-shirts. However, I can't always give them exactly what they want as my screen printing facilities are limited, and also it is quite an expensive process.

I have come to realise that this type of printing is in great demand and so could be the basis of a good business. I would therefore like to open my own firm for which I need to purchase a DTG printer. This type of printer would greatly reduce my costs and the time needed for printing. It would also improve the quality of the print and the efficiency of the process. In addition, the are a number of other possibilities which I could perform, such as printing on blouses, caps and also clothing for young people and children. I would also be able to contact local sports teams to offer specialised printing for their sports kits and other accessories, and I intend to introduce my own line of original designs and slogans.

I have done some market research, and haven't found a comparable printing firm in the area, so at present there doesn't seem to be any local competition. There are of course other similar firms to be found on the internet, but having a local company would mean that customers from my area could visit and give me an order in person as well as through the internet, and they could receive their product on the same day if necessary.

In order to proceed with forming my own firm, I need money to invest in the purchase of a DTG printer.

An example of my production costs is as follows:

T-shirt: £1.50
Coloured print on white T-shirt: £0.30
Coloured print on dark T-shirt: £1.00

The cost of producing a T-shirt with specialised design printing would therefore be approximately £2.00, which for single individual orders I believe I could sell for about £12.00, giving a profit of £10 for a single T-shirt.

I hope you can help me with the investment to fulfil my ambition of forming my own business, and to work at something I really enjoy