Marketing Activity Playing Cards

by Paul Kitchen in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Marketing Activity Playing Cards


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Every small business knows they need marketing, but most don't know what to actually do, these 52 cards tell you weekly exactly what to do..

by Paul Kitchen in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I own and run a small marketing consultancy in Buckinghamshire, UK called Proper Marketing Ltd. I work with small businesses to strategise and plan how they will get the person most likely to buy what they sell, to buy from them. 

More and more I'm seeing that these often brilliant business owners just need to be told what marketing to do, not necessarily shown or even lectured to, or taught. Often they say "Just jot on a post-it note what activity I should do this week and I'll do that" And so I do, and they do it, and it works, and then I do it again, and they do it again, and it works again... In my experience, people really do enjoy mastering  their own marketing simply by doing it. Which lead me to creating these marketing activity playing cards. 

My 'post-it note style' has been incredibly well used and liked by a few businesses now, so I figured I'd turn that "weekly" advice into a deck of 52 cards, each printed with a marketing activity that anyone can complete, with no training, no extra advice, just pick a card each week, and do what it says. So simple. 

As an added extra, if cardholders decide they would like some help and advice on how to complete the weekly activity, I am creating a "Cards Community" website landing page with all the cards listed, with tips and advice on each activity to help you get the best out of it, with space for you to feed back how it went, for all to see.

I love playing cards, I love fiddling with them and do the occasional "terrible" trick with them, but love having a deck of cards to hand, so I decided playing cards would be the way to get my activities on the desk in the office. Real cards, beautiful quality, on a clear plastic display stand, which sits and reminds you of this week's activity. With the added benefit of being able to pass a card on to a colleague to complete for you.. "What can I do to help?" - "Do what it says on this card please!" Oh and let's not forget, flip them over in-between activities and actually Play Cards!

So just to get you up to date; I wrote my best 52 marketing activities, designed the look of them to fit onto a card, and designed how the box would look, then found a card manufacturer in Cambridge and ordered my first evaluation pack, which I showed to everyone who would listen. I then found a plastics fabricator and ordered a sample acrylic stand.


Incredibly, I got 20 pre-orders from real business owners who loved the idea. Great! 

So spurred on by that encouraging feedback, I ordered 100 packs.

Next task was deciding a price for the cards. Nothing too spiteful, but also not cheap. The cards are costing £6 per pack in low quantities (100), and the stand another £5, I'd need a profit, also to cover all costs and then a return on investment, so I settled on £52 per pack +vat. 

The offer became simple: £1 per week for strategic, useful, tried and tested marketing activities. Doesn't seem too expensive even for a micro business, and also looks like a healthy business proposition to put to you. 

My absolutely perfect outcome would be to share my marketing experience with startups, small businesses, high street retailers, online sellers, in fact anyone in any business who just needs to know what to do to market their business successfully for very little outlay. 

Next I used a professional photography firm (locally) to have the cards and stands photographed ready for sale. I then created an Amazon listing for the cards, which is now ready to go live. Amazon would take care of fulfilment of orders, I would simply put the link in my advertising and marketing and that's where you would buy the cards. Very secure, very reliable, quite expensive, but then still there is a healthy margin with all that considered.

There were 6.0 million SMEs in the UK in 2020, which was over 99% of all businesses. 

I believe if business owners knew these cards, and what they can help you achieve existed, they would buy them. I would. And now they do exist.

My consultancy work gives me an income and will never be a massive business  because I love what I do, I love seeing the results and I love my work. I'm not sure I'd like to grow and have bunches of staff and all that comes with it. That said, I'd love to see millions of small businesses benefit from such a simple idea, and grow the card business as a result.

What I need is to get going! I have the idea, I have the product and an excellent and reliable supply chain, I have fulfilment nailed down, I'm almost ready to go to market. I now need to fund buying the cards and stands in a bigger quantity to drive the cost price down, funding for the web page creation, and then a good budget to spread the word; marketing, advertising, promotion etc. I know exactly what to do, and how to do it, (I could just pick a card of course! Ha ha..) and I have the time, I just can't afford to fund it on my own.

And that's hopefully where you come in.. I'd love this to really rollout, and I'd love you to be a part of it.


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