Marisha Ray 4 Chipping Barnet #NoHardBrexit Fund

Marisha Ray 4 Chipping Barnet #NoHardBrexit Fund

Donate to Marisha Ray's NoHardBrexit Campaign Fighting Fund to Unseat Brexiteer Theresa Villiers and Support an Open, Tolerant and United UK

We did it!

On 6th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 35 days
I, Marisha Ray, want to serve our community of Chipping Barnet as your Liberal Democrat MP fighting hard Brexit. I am experienced as a politician, board member and have worked in blue chip companies improving our schools, our hospitals, our local government and our businesses.
I am fighting for your right to have a vote on the final deal with Brussels.

Support me to unseat Theresa Villiers - a hard Brexiteer

The incumbent Tory MP, Theresa Villiers, is a hardline Brexiteer while Chipping Barnet voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. The hardline Brexit stance of Theresa Villiers and her colleagues will damage our economy and thus our NHS, schools and other public services. Our environment will not be cared for. Our society will suffer.

As everything becomes more expensive in the wake of the hard Brexit she wholeheartedly supports, foreigners and immigrants will continue to be demonised as our nation looks inwards and retreats from the world.

We can do better. My extensive commercial and industrial experience working in London and Paris for blue chip IT companies has left me with a deep understanding of European business needs and practices. I will stand up for the businesses of Chipping Barnet and bring this understanding to the House of Commons to scrutinise the Brexit process and ensure we get the best possible deal.  I need your donation to make this happen.

Vote Liberal Democrat

We are the only party who wants to give you, the people, a vote on the final deal with Brussels. We are the only party who will guarantee the rights of EU citizens – our colleagues, partners and friends. We are the only party who will keep the United Kingdom in the Single Market. We will not let the Conservatives divide the country and demonise foreigners. Only with a donation from you can we make this happen.

Why me?

A school governor for 15 years, I have worked as a comprehensive school governor, a hospital board member, the governing body of a university and at the top level of local government. I understand how important education, health and local services are for the people of Barnet and will take this understanding to the House of Commons. 

I am tough on crime. As a north London councillor and lead member for community safety I coordinated to end teenage knife crime in a tough north London area and defied press belief that teenage knife crime cannot be stopped. I will take this knowledge to Parliament and stand up for you, the people of Chipping Barnet, when security and crime is discussed and legislated on.

Opposed to a hard Brexit, I will be standing up for your right to have a vote on Theresa May’s final deal with Brussels. A donation from you will be used to make this happen.

Written, produced and promoted by Sean Hooker on behalf of Marisha Ray and the Barnet Borough Liberal Democrats all at all at 31 Northumberland Road New Barnet Herts EN5 1EA.

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