Marisco's 50th Birthday Botox

Marisco's 50th Birthday Botox

Marisco's 50th Birthday BOTOX.

We did it!

On 24th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £1,200 with 46 supporters in 28 days


The Marisco Disco is one of North Devon's most loved and treasured nightspots. It's been the destination for thousands of Disco goers for the last 50 years and we think she is need of a serious makeover as well as essential repair works to bring her into the twenty-tens and get through the season. 

The club plays an important and intergral part of the community, a great deal of tourism makes its way to Woolacombe thanks to Marisco. Without it's prescence the demographic of the area would change considerably, and not for the better! Lets help keep the atmosphere. 

Now, we aren't going to lie, it's been a tuffy... With such a short season last year, and the constant barrage of bills, including £12,000 to fix the electrics to make you all safe and sound, plus a quote for £19,000 to replace the broken aircon (which is essential with the weather hotting up), we are sad to say there is no chance of a facelift without your help.

Saying this, we realise this is an absolutely fabulous opportunity for us and in no way do we expect you to feel sorry for us!! What we need is your help, In the form of pledges so we can get the club looking amazing and it can carry on for another 50 years. 

DJ Detta, GhettoFunk Allstar at the Marisco

We won't be able to get the work done before we open so don't worry all you hardcore Marisco Disco goers... no big changes too soon, we will ease them in gently. Work will be ongoing with a huge party when we are ready to unveil the final look for all the people who pledged as a thankyou.

You can either just pledge, or pledge for a reward to redeem at your leisure over the coming year. Ideally we need £20,000 to get everything. To achieve this all we need is 1000 to pleadge £20 each and that is £20,000 done and dusted, Easy hey.... !! 


We understand you've not got cash to throw at us so we've put together a heap of fantastic pledge rewards for you to buy.

Just £10 will get you 2 VIP passes to one of our great nights this season. Slamboree Soundsystem on April 29th and Finnish DJ and producer Rico Tubbs on the 6th May are just a couple of the amazing acts we have lined up for the summer.Slamboree Soundsystem will be playing on the 29th April

Other pledges include DJ lessons, bus pickup for 50 people with free entry, Grey Goose waiting for you on arrival plus new pledge rewards coming daily.


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