Marion Fleetwood's Solo Album

I'm raising funds so that after two decades recording in various bands I can record a solo album. All I ask is you buy it in advance

We did it!

On 19th Nov 2014 we successfully raised £3,440 of £2,750 target with 125 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Everything over and above the £2750 target will go into producing more copies of the album, updating to a better website, getting wider distribution, the Launch gig and  production of the next album.


Why am I asking you for your help?

I'm raising funds so that after two decades recording as part of various bands I can record a solo album.

I am a musician with over 25 years experience in recording, gigging and arranging. I am currently in various bands, including The Jigantics (to see the website click here) The Gerry Colvin Band and a new project which is top secret right now. I love being in both these bands - and I totally love playing with the amazing musicians in both. I have just started to perform as a soloist too, playing a mixture of folk and some new material which I have produced since I started writing about six months ago. I have had expressions of interest from various clubs and hope to seriously launch a solo tour late next year. after the festival season.

Throughout my performing career, I have been really lucky to work with many many great musicians, but I have never really had the courage to try to go it alone! Having to have a day job and being a mum of two and all that entails has simply meant that I have not really had the time to add solo gigs to an already busy musical diary - I have never wanted to let my band mates down. I do have a simple website - but over the next months I hope to build a better one! Click here to see the website I have at the moment though - there are some links to tracks and videos. I'm also on facebook - my page is here. I've also taught at community arts groups, run workshops for young performers, played on various charity recordings, set up Stratford upon Avon Folk Club and two festivals in my home town of Stratford upon Avon, mentored young performers and set up the Wilmcote Fiddle Orchestra - a free orchestra for anyone to come and play fiddle in (which included people of all ages and abilitites!). I have put strings and vocals on countless albums for other people, and have worked at some of the best studios around.

But now, after much nagging from fellow musicians, I think I'm ready (at the ripe old age of 44!) to make an album of my own. I'll be playing everything on the album - all the instruments and all the vocals. I don't want to ask my engineer colleagues in the business to give their time for nothing (although I'm sure they will do all they can to help!), but I figure that if I can sell the CDs in advance everyone will be happy!

Any profit from the sales of the CDs will go towards the launch gig and the next album. 

The video above is of a performance at Stratford Folk Club in 2014.

Here's what some people have said about my performances:

'We were treated to Marion Fleetwood’s stunning version of Jane Siberry’s “The Valley”. Now I’m a big fan of top quality female vocalists such as Chris While (and indeed KD Lang), and I have to say that Marion Fleetwood is assuredly in that class. The voice is enough. Ethereal, emotive, passionate and at times siren-esque. The closing note of the song is greeted with genuinely affectionate applause, and a number of people standing up to show their appreciation – yes it was one of THOSE moments!'Square Roots Promotions - review of Jigantics gig at The Gun Room, Southsea

‘Marion has added a whole new dimension to the album. I’m really thrilled with how it has turned out - and grateful for her professionalism and the speed and accuracy of her work. We sat in awe in the control room watching her work and hearing the string parts take shape. I couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with her more in the future.’Simon MorganMarion performs strings and backing vocals on his latest album

‘Marion is a joy to work with. She brings bundles of enthusiasm, professionalism, and is quick to string multiple parts together with her clever musical ideas and great technical ability. Her playing is fluid, confident and she adapts beautifully to the mood of the music.’George ShillingBank Cottage Studios(Producing/engineering/mixing credits include Steve Winwood, Blur, Mary J Blige, Soup Dragons, Primal Scream and James Brown)

‘Marion came into the studio at very short notice - never having heard any of the songs. She was technically perfect - enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. I am keeping her telephone number!’Kieran HalpinMusicianMarion performs backing vocals on his latest album The Devil and His Dealing

‘Marion Fleetwood is a multi-instrumentalist in the truest sense of the word.’ - review of Decoration Day

‘Superbly crafted…haunting…sonorous…stunning…beautifully executed…captivating…incredible’Quotes from fan reviews on-line

What I would like to do is basically fund the creation of an album through advance sales. I need to sell 275 albums at £10 each to cover the costs. Everyone who backs this project will get a copy of the album when it is finished, and there's some other rewards including house concerts up for grabs if you are a really big donor!!

Thanks for reading this, whether you pledge or not!


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