Marine School

Marine School

MERI is a project for a marine school for children( 4-18+). Learning key scientific, coding skills and experience in the field by the coast.

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On 30th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 56 days

MERI (Marine education and Research Institute) is a project that will provide a marine school for children and adults. From ages 4-18+ the Marine School will run clubs and projects that will teach the next generation of scientists key scientific, coding and field skills. Based around the Essex coastline children and adults will participate in wildlife surveys and counts, identifying species, transect surveys, boat and water skills, ocean conservation including beach cleans and prevention, plankton trawls and identification under a microscope, coding and programming skills, team work and communication skills. Children will gain skills badges and certificates as they progress their skills and scientific understanding. This project will also support other groups including disabilities and mental health issues. 

Children and adults will participate and contribute to real scientific data and support the ongoing work of other local organisations by sharing data and recordings.

The project requires equipment in order to get started, laptops, coding kit, coding software, microscopes, plankton nets, binoculars, cameras, drone, surveying equipment(buckets, waterproof notepads, clipboards, pens, transects, measuring tapes,etc), hydrophone, bird song recorders, bat detectors, a zodiac and a boat for a 'floating classroom' (including safety equipment and navigation euipment).  The possibility of a large vehicle to provide a service to children from deprived backgrounds. 

 Groups will be approximatley 10 per age group, with support and learning that enhances the current curriculum in national schools.

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