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Marginal People's Community Kitchen

by Shiva-Trust-Charity in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

Marginal People's Community Kitchen


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Create a community kitchen on our farm for marginal people from our own community. Growing, learning, preparing and cooking their own food.

by Shiva-Trust-Charity in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

We have an old stone barn that sits on our 26 acre farm site in the countryside. We want to create  a purpose built kitchen inside the barn, so we can provide a safe space for marginal people from within our community to come and learn how to cook healthy, nutritious food inexpensively. Having spent ten years building relationships and trust with our community, feeding them, providing food parcels, taking them home cooked food. We are determined to take it to this next level, by creating a purpose built community kitchen.


We are already developing some of our land into a community space for vegetable growing, so the community can grow their own food and then learn to cook it in our community kitchen.

We are a registered charity since 2012, and most of our management have experienced living on the margins of our society. We have all reformed our lives, and are dedicated to supporting and helping those people in our community who are looking to improve their own way of life.

Food is a basic human requirement. Eating healthy food supports our bodies and minds to make good choices for our future. Health, housing, homelessness, employment status, racism, and stigmas are all contributing factors to low self esteem and confidence. We want to provide equal opportunities to all. Having some land to grow vegetables, having a kitchen to prepare nutritious meals, having the support of friends and community, having the skills to develop and grow self esteem. We need these things.


Case study

Daniel was a teenager from a low income community when we worked with him, he came to our community classes and ate brown bread for his snack. He said he only ate white bread at home, but he liked the brown bread more (he felt it was doing him 'good'). So he went home and asked his mum to buy brown bread at the supermarket. She said it is too expensive. He said he would sacrifice treats to eat a more healthy diet. His mum was shocked at his new mindset. She came to the class, and said i do not know what you are doing to my son, but please keep doing it. He is starting to believe things are possible for him that were once impossible. The brown bread was a metaphor for his mind opening to more possibility, more choices, more options in life. Daniel is now a successful businessman.

The Solution

Providing opportunities for people who would not normally be able to access such activities has the power to change people's lives. Those normal activities that we may take for granted, like going to the supermarket and buying vegetables. Are a luxury for many people. Having access to these activities opens the mind to possibility, hope and most importantly different choices. Lets support all people to have more choice!

The Impact

Since starting our charity we have positively impacted thousands of peoples lives. Adults, children and animals all over the world; who have felt left to the side. Unwanted and uncared for. Caring for people, treating people as humans, equals is one of the most powerful acts we can do in our life. Please join us in showing you care, by supporting us to make an impact in someone's life today.

We Need YOU...

We need to raise, £50,000 to develop our tried and tested work with marginal people in our community.

100% of funding from you will empower people to make better choices in their lives. The funding will cover the development and completion of a community kitchen, which will last a lifetime. This will provide thousands of opportunities for people without a cooker or microwave to prepare their own healthy meals.

We need you for the long-term stability of our project. Having spent ten years building relationships and trust with our community, feeding them, providing food parcels, taking them home cooked food. We are determined to take it to this next level, by creating a purpose built community kitchen. With your Help!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Plant a tree

We will plant a native British tree at the end of November 2020 as a reward for your pledge. Your tree will join the 9,000 trees already planted at Meadows Farm & Animal Sanctuary in Rossendale .

£20 or more

£20 Reward

One pot of Vegan ‘Prasada’ moisturiser.

£30 or more


15 packets of hand made masala incense, Made by a co-operative in rural India especially for Shiva Trust Charity.

£100 or more

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Wellbeing pack

Wellbeing pack that includes an organic Indian cotton yoga mat, incense X 10, perfume powder x 2 fragrances and 4 jars of Vegan Prasada cream and a Meditation mantra CD

£500 or more

One day farm experience day

A farm experience day at a farm & animal sanctuary in Rossendale for you, and your team or family.

£1,000 or more

Countryside Retreat

Bring your friends or family to the beautiful countryside. Stay in a holiday cottage, go for walks, and work on a farm & animal sanctuary for 2 days. Eat great food, meet great people and have chance of a life time experience!

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