Help our cafe dreams come true

Help our cafe dreams come true

Help our cafe stay afloat after we were let down by the previous owner

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

It has always been our dream to open a cafe in Ripon unlike no other. Ripon has a large elderly community but poor facilities for them. We wanted to provide a cafe out of the way, comfy seating, affordable prices and a service that is very personal. We have a group of elderly ladies who meet at our cafe every monday as they have no where else to go and no other company.

We bought a cafe in December from a gentleman already running it. When we looked around everything seemed fine, all the food seemed good and we were confident about it all.

We proceeded to buy the cafe and very quickly things went wrong. All the equipment started breaking and the majority of the stock was out of date and had started going mouldy. Essentially our confidence and trust was broken.

We were determined to keep going and therefore had to take out a loan in order to carry on providing a service.

We are struggling to keep the cafe afloat, I was made redundant at my previous job and my partner gave up his job to follow his dream and we have now run out of money avenues to continue the cafe.

We need help to ensure the people of Ripon still have somewhere to go.