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March for Life is more than just a march, it's one big pro life festival.  It's big, bright, bold and it's YOUR March...

We did it!

On 23rd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,895 with 47 supporters in 42 days

March for Life is more than just a march, it's one big pro life festival.  In fact, it has grown to be the biggest and brightest pro life festival in the UK!  We gather people from across the UK to witness to the beauty and immense dignity of life from conception until it's natural end. Our witness is one of hope, healing, love and mercy.Our aims are simply to:

1) Act as a serious reminder to the general public and media about the destruction abortion causes2) Unite all pro life groups across the UK, for when we work together we are so much stronger3) Encourage people to get involved in the ProLife movement in their local area by firing them up and sending them home to create a culture of life wherever they find themselves. 

So over Lent we need to raise £25,000. You might think, wow £25,000 what for? The March has always been and will continue to be a grassroots initiative of the lay faithful and has been financed by the people. As we have grown year on year, so have our running costs and we would love to make the March bigger, brighter and bolder year on year. We want to make a huge impact when we March and we need your help to make it happen: Here are a few things on our wish list to make this possible:

*A huge stage in the middle of the city centre*A high definition sound system *Big Screens for graphics *Top quality speakers flying in from around the world*Banners and promotional material for the day*A ProLife market place in the city centre 

And lots of practical things to make sure the March is safe and comfortable for all involved (think toilets, radios, first aiders, insurance etc)

Why £25,000, you ask again ? Well we are serious about making an impact and trusting in God's providence, alongside raising the significant funds to make the March happen we are hoping to raise enough money to fund a part time salary, giving us more time and opportunity to really work on promoting this event and growing it to its maximum capacity. This fantastic yearly event is currently run by 3 directors with demanding full time jobs- they do a amazing job with the time they have, but so much more could be done with someone committed to this in a professional capacity. As our March continues to grow so does our need! We are passionate about seeing a culture of life take root and grow in this country and we can only do it with you help! 

Don’t think of the money we are asking you to give as a donation, think of it more as an investment in the pro life movement and a contribution to bringing an end to the greatest violation of human rights in history! 

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