Marc to be a yoga instructor

Marc to be a yoga instructor

My partner biggest wish is to go to Vancouver and take the Teachers Training and become a yoga instructor, share love, healthy values, peace

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My boyfriend lived in Vancouver last year. There we started coming at this place called Karma Teachers - an absolutely fantastic place with love, peace and a place that really cared about sharing the good and important values in life - and all this: via yoga as a physical thing and as a lifestyle. My boyfriend has always been a party-monkey, on the move constantly, not really able to find peace. He is a plumber and lived a really stressfull life. After he discovered yoga he found out how amazing it was to his (and people around hims) life. Step by step you learn the philosophy of yoga and that way you can change the world to a better place. He learned that and knew that he wanted to become a yoga teacher one day anddo the teachers training at Karma Teachers.

However, he broke his leg in May 2016 and we had to move back to Europe where we live now. He changed his thoughts on becoming a yoga teacher, not because he dont want to be one any more, because we are 27 and 28, thinking about kids, and house, and future and that our family is getting older, and the dream sort of seem to dissapeared in practical planning. See, our plan was to go travelling in 2018, but he even talk about just going on holidays and earning for house. I know this is because he loves me and is taking resposibility, but now I will have to be the one, that make sure, that he is not going to wake up one day, be 70 and regret he did not do his traning.

It is not possible for me that easy to find the money for the flight to Canada, pay accomondation the period the traning is on and paying for the course. Also I know, that he will know that it is the universes will if the community, people, humanngs, natures will made this happen.

I ask kindly for money in this project, and if it happens, I will make sure for Marc to make a blog about what is learning and share it with out, and also update when he is back teaching yoga in England.

I can not describe how thankfull I will be for support - this does not just change his life and purpose, but it will effect hundres - maybe 1000s of people around him, the rest of his life.

Thank you. Peace.