Help a small Jewellery recycler take a big leap

by Catriona Brown in St. Monans, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help a small Jewellery recycler take a big leap


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To create beautiful unique pieces of jewellery and homewares using seaglass, beach treasures, crystals and recycled jewellery & metals.

by Catriona Brown in St. Monans, Scotland, United Kingdom

I moved to beautiful fife in 2020 one month before the dreaded covid arrived. My family are all from Scotland but moved to West Yorkshire in 1981 and I was raised there along with my brothers and sister. In 2012 i escaped a very abuse relationship with my 2 children and nothing else its left me with ptsd and problems with mental health. I was a successful beauty therapist I and ran a very successful salon but when I walked away I left with nothing. I've had to start from scratch it's left me with chronic pain all over my body i need to work for my self it's all I've ever known and with my commitments at home it means I can work round them. Making jewellery is my therapy it helps me in so many areas it's very relaxing and forfilling. In 2019 with my husband & children we decided it was time to move back to our homeland my parents are disabled and I take care of them full time so they came too. It was the start of a great adventure we didn't plan for a global pandemic but we made the best of it. Being locked down helped me to go back to basics and look at what I wanted to do with my life somthing I could do from home and wouldn't intrude into my personal responsibilities as a carer. This area of Fife is so stunning and full of natural beauty the beaches are full of this magical stuff called sea glass I'd seen it once before in whitby but not on this scale I started looking at what I could turn it in to and jewellery stood out to me. I didn't want to buy cheap poorly made beads to add to pieces I  had read an article about how badly cheap mass manufactured jewelry and beads have and affect on the environment we buy all this cheap stuff and when it breaks it goes in the bin and then landfill and god knows where else. The degrading process realises chemicals into the land atmosphere and ocean and is extremely harmful to wildlife and sea life. So I started buying jewelry from charity shops and asking for donations or broken jewelry and reworked them. I'm asking for some help to get me off the ground I need to create a website and online shop so my customers can purchase from me. I also need equipment as I have lots of left over metal that could be melted down and reused. I would eventually like to open a small shop in my local village giving employment opportunities to the local community thank you for taking the time to read about me. 


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