Manufacturing Futon Mattresses - Our Way Forward

Manufacturing Futon Mattresses - Our Way Forward

We would like to expand and protect our futon retailing business by manufacturing our own range of futon mattresses and covers.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi and thanks for taking time out to read about our project.

We have been retailing and importing Futon sofa beds and mattresses in Plymouth for over 15 years now and have found the going over the last few!

Why is this?....... Well many manufacturers are now retailing directly both here in the UK and from elsewhere in Europe and this has put pressure on margins and product availability but we want to fight back!

Our plan is to produce our own range of futon mattresses including roll-up overnight futons, replacement sofa bed futons and, of course, a range of futons for everyday use and to make them in some fun and funky fabrics! We have already started with some groundwork to our plans including working with students at Plymouth College of Art to create some vibrant new designs as per the examples below......


We have sourced local based sewing facilities and a range of fabric producers / printers so are nearly ready to go....we just need funding! Our target is to raise £10,000 to purchase the stocks of fabrics, produce the new sample products and, most importantly, purchase the necessary mattress press machinery to enable our products to be manufactured.

Ten thousand pounds is a big ask and we are just a small business fighting against lots of 'big boys' including supermarkets and large chains but any contribution you can make would be truly appreciated....we will make it work!

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