manufacture and sale of real ice cream

manufacture and sale of real ice cream

manufacture and sale of real ice cream and other confectionery products are not in the entire UK. I want to give people a bit of luxury in t

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The main objective of the project is to open and run their own business in the form of a prosperous and widely-known and appreciated by customers Coffee and Ice Cream Shop. The choice on my part just such activity stems from my interest and education

Our offer Ice Cream will have a relatively simple and extensive offer. These will be Essentially two groups of products. The first of These will be an ice cream and desserts, and other beverages. This individual groups we can include The Following items.

Ice Cream Desserts and Drinks

Ice cream in 130 flavors

Manufactured on site

Belgian Waffles

Manufactured on site

American and French Crepes

Manufactured on site

Tube of cream (product completely unknown to the British market)


In our restaurant well they will feel both pensioners for example. Encountering morning tea or coffee (we count on them Especially in the morning) as well as families with children, Which is just a walk or couples wanting a quiet and discreet atmosphere to spend some time together and also people adults wanting to relax after work with a good cup of coffee, tea or perfect healthy ice cream or desserts with friends. Ambrosia ice cream parlor "is also an ideal place for meetings business - good coffee and dessert, accompanied by soft music makes it nice to be discussed or finalizing interests.


We want to become the most preferred and valued manufacturer of ICE CREAM

PREMIUM CLASS in the UK and abroad, oriented to meet individual customer expectations, flexible in building lasting business relationships, cost-effective in their decisions and responsible for their own development.