Maniacal Vision - Greater Manchester Fringe 2019

by Maniacal Vision in Salford, England, United Kingdom

Maniacal Vision - Greater Manchester Fringe 2019


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To take two original plays to the Greater Manchester Fringe and help charities relating to the subject matter.

by Maniacal Vision in Salford, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Beth, the director of Maniacal Vision, a brand new production company based in Manchester. I started this company from an intense passion to create original and exciting work with purpose. And what better way to stay on the Maniacal brand than to have my first project be two projects? 

I am taking two brand new plays to the Greater Manchester Fringe festival in July and I need your help. As this is a brand new company ran solely by myself I need the help from you to make these performances the best they can be. 

The Plays

Imagine a future without naturally occurring resources. Did you know that 90% of the waste on our landfills is recyclable? What Remains follows three individuals working on a converted landfill site as they explore the innate selfishness of humanity and discover what it really takes to save the Earth and themselves. 

How do you know what is the right thing to do when it's the law on one side and your son on the other? Frog follows Cameron Reus, a wanted criminal and his mother as she struggles to accept that her son isn't the innocent child she once thought him to be. 

The Funding

Those of you who know me know that I am ambitious to a fault and these shows are no different. The set for What Remains includes a recreation of a landfill site which I hope to make using rubbish I pick off of the streets in my area. Some of your funding will go towards helping me create these fantastic set pieces to bring a real life horror to my plays. 

I am also enlisting the help of lots of other creatives; editors, musicians and of course performers to bring these scripts to life. The majority of funding will help me to cover my basic costs of venues and insurance, thus ensuring that I can fairly pay my performers and creatives for their hard work. 

Giving Back

I am also incredibly passionate about using this money to do some good for the planet, as well as Maniacal Vision. Through my research for What Remains I found a few companies who are changing the lives of people living on landfill sites today. As part of my crowdfunder, I will be giving to three of these foundations :

Small Steps Project ( who provide shoes and emergency aid for people living on landfills

Children of the Dump ( which provides education, care and support for children living on two landfill sites in the Philippines 

4ocean ( who are sending out volunteers to clean the rubbish out of our oceans and helping to support wildlife conservations. 

I will be giving 10% of my funding to each of these companies. Please feel free to visit their websites and see some of the incredible work they are doing. 

If you would like to help me realise my creative goals, or if you just want to donate to one of these incredible charities independently, thank you. It really does mean the world to me and will mean so much to them too.

Thank you so much.

Beth Hayward,

Director, Maniacal Vision


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- 30% total donation to three charities - A thanks on our social media sites - Maniacal Vision Fridge Magnet - For helping us be so maniacal with our vision, you will earn one free ticket to each of the shows we are performing, What Remains and Frog. Or, choose two tickets to the same show. Tickets and magnet can be collected from the box office Thank you so much!

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- 30% total donation to three charities - Thanks on our social media page - Maniacal Vision Fridge Magnet For being such a fantastic supporter of our cause, you will receive one free ticket to either Frog or What Remains, on a date of your choice. Free ticket and magnet can be collected from the box office on the day

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