Please support Mango ~Buy Now, Eat and Drink later

by Mango Thai Tapas in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Please support Mango ~Buy Now, Eat and Drink later


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Please support Mango by purchasing gift vouchers to use at a later date, enjoy free gifts as a thank you for your support.

by Mango Thai Tapas in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Like so many businesses, we face great uncertainty in these unprecedented times. 

We have worked hard to build Mango over the last 14 years, establishing a space that our customers can enjoy dining, relaxing and having fun in, and we’re so proud to have served the community of Southampton in all that time. 

We’ve faced challenges of course, this year being particularly difficult with the flood damage caused by Storm Dennis in February, and now, as many millions of businesses, COVID-19 threatens everything. 

As the pandemic evolved our biggest priority was ensuring our staff felt safe and as a result of this we made the decision to close the restaurant ahead of the forced lockdown. Thankfully the Government’s furlough scheme has meant they will be looked after during our closure, but, we now need to ensure there is a job for them to come back to. 

Small independent restaurants like us run on small profit margins and rely on a regular flow of income to keep things going. Even with much welcomed Government schemes available, we are still waiting help and then much of the relief is deferred and still must be paid for in the future. 

Crowdfunder are offering this platform to businesses who are struggling in the pandemic to reach out to customers to “Pay it Forward”, to help traders who rely on a regular flow of income to pay for bills, suppliers, maintenance, rent, etc. If we are lucky enough to meet the target of £5,000, Solent LEP will match-fund the money raised in their effort to support small businesses seeking to cope in the challenging conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have never wanted to ask for help in the form of fundraising, fearing it uncouth, but it is important to know when to ask for help and now more than ever, we need YOU, our Mango customers, friends and family to support us and help us get through to the other side. All we need you to do is purchase a gift voucher that can be redeemed in the future once we are able to reopen. This will help us to continue paying our overheads whilst we cannot open.

As a thank you for supporting us now, we’re giving free gifts with vouchers purchased. 


We can’t wait to open our doors again to feed you delicious Thai food and Island cocktails. We’re so grateful to every one of our customers and friends we’ve made who have supported us over the years and we hope you can help us achieve our target.


Thank you everyone, from all of us at Mango. 

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