Manchesters Tribute Song

Manchesters Tribute Song

The project is to fund an creative project dedicated to the Terror attack that occurred in Manchester UK, 22nd March MEN Arena

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is to fund a community creative course for the younger generation in Manchester to help them release and create a song to express their views and feelings towards all the mayhem going on in the world from children dying in other countries and them losing their close freinds and relatives with what happened in the attack. 

This project will help inspire the youth to be more positive and caring, appreciative and loving towards all races, all communities regardless of their ethinicity or background. The final outcome will be an official release of the project on all online major distribution stores which include iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Play, Xbox Play, Deezer, Tidal and Many more. 

We need as much support as we can so we can spread the message not only to the younger genration of the UK but help to inspire younger children all over the world in a more positive way. 

Every single bit of support is highly appreciated