Aromatherapy candles for Yoga/Meditation

by Sarah Jackson in Oldham, England, United Kingdom

Aromatherapy candles for Yoga/Meditation
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We want to develop a range of vegan aromatherapy home fragrances that are good for your space and good for your soul.

by Sarah Jackson in Oldham, England, United Kingdom

I want to elevate the home fragrance experience with my range of aromatherapy candles. Developed with yoga and meditation in mind, the Manchester Candles range will include, candles, room sprays, diffusers and wax melts made with a better environment in mind. 

My name is Sarah, and I'm the founder of Manchester Candles. After making candles for some time, I started to think about the impact of home fragrance on the environment. With a lot of mass produced options on the market being made with poor quality fragrances tested on animals and the waste crated by these purchases, I started to realise that there must be a better way. 

Empowering Fragrances 

Most home fragrance option just smell nice, thats it, other than making you feel good that your home now smells nice they have no real benifit to you or your space. The new aromatherapy range from Manchester Candles have been formulates with specific intentions in mind, wether you want a morning pick me up with vibrent lemongrass and grounding ginger or somthing to help you relax in the evening with calming chamomile and lavender. I want to create a product range with the power to transform your space and your mood. 

Cruelty Free

My aim is for the entire range to be cruelty free. If just a fraction of the home fragrance market made an effort to choose cruelty free materials, this woul dmake a huge impact on animal welfare and help steer the market in the right direction. Currently, ensuring that the whole product is cruelty free is an expensive task, a large portion of funds will go into ensuring that the entire range is cruelty free. Alowing me to buy in bulk and help filter that saving down to the consumer.

Ditching The Plastic

Current plans for the range are to ditch the plastic wherever possible. Using compostable bags and glass bottles instead of plastic goes a long way to helping achieve this plastic free goal. Funds will go towards purchasing plastic free packaging in larger quantities to ensure costs to customers are kept to a minimum. 

Re-Use and Recycle  

It is my aim to source where possible, recycled packaging. Going further I would like to develop a system for customers to be able to purchase re fills of their favourite products at a redduced rate to help keep waste to a minimum. 


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