Managing the wibbles and wobbles of anxiety (5-11)

by Standing in the Gap in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

Managing the wibbles and wobbles of anxiety (5-11)

We want to produce good quality resources and helpful monthly talks/sessions for children and their families looking at managing anxiety.

by Standing in the Gap in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England


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Research tells us that the incidence of children’s mental health difficulties, particularly anxiety, is on the rise. Parents tell us that they don’t know where to turn for help and advice about their children’s anxiety.

Founded in 2017, in response to this clear need, Standing in the Gap is an early intervention mental health charity in Banbury that works with children and families aged 0-11 years, helping them to manage BIG emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety and grief.

Our first project was to create a hugely successful series of talks to enable parents to support their children through that crucial transition to secondary school.  This received excellent feedback, so we expanded the reach of the talks the following year by including more dates and holding them at a community venue. Parents who attended these talks told us:

•    100% would recommend it to another year 6 parent
•    “ it was very informative, answering a lot of questions”
•    “ it makes you take time to think about the child’s experiences”
•    “ the talk contained helpful pointers of what to watch out for, useful techniques”
•    “ the talk was clear, helpful, funny, very good thank you”

This year we plan to launch a project for the families of ALL children in the Banbury area aged 5-11 years.  We’re calling it  ‘Managing the wibbles and the wobbles of anxiety’. We want to produce good quality resources and helpful sessions for children and their families looking at:

•    what is anxiety and what causes it?
•    what can I do to help manage it?
•    what works to stop the wobbles?
•    when do I need more help??

We have a reputation for providing funny and interesting talks which make a practical difference to families. One mum told us our recent workbook was her “go to book for the summer”

Please help us to expand our provision this year.   With the money we raise we want to provide FREE monthly sessions for any child who worries to come along to. We want to design a workbook and provide an hours FREE talk, answering the questions above.

Let's make 'Managing the wibbles and wobbles of anxiety (5-11)' happen

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