Mammoth Computers

by Jake Allen in Bourne, England, United Kingdom

Mammoth Computers


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We are looking to start our own Computer company during a pandemic to provide a social and educational product to those in need.

by Jake Allen in Bourne, England, United Kingdom


After work was put on hold for several months due to the outbreak of Covid-19 it left myself along with a lot of others stuck with what to do. Socializing was taken away from the masses and more and more people turned to gaming as a way of mentally supporting each other as well as the general enjoyment from it. 

This has meant more and more people have in turn moved onto streaming, which is not always the most affordable thing to do.

Not just another computer...

With the majority of computers out there being either expensive and not affordable for the masses, or cheap and not powerful enough to provide an all round good gaming experience, we decided to look into a way to design a powerful PC, capable of gaming at 60FPS while having RAM to be able to stream alongside.

While some people wont have a clue what I'm talking about the overall fact is this is quite important for it to work. 

We wanted to make sure at the same time that the product we are building was also affordable, and we have done this. 

What will this do for us?

Alongside hoping this will give us running ground to start something amazing, and to provide long term employment, I'm hoping we can use this business to educate and provide new careers for those people looking to be a streamer/ game designer/ engineer/ designer/ marketer while providing educational options to more and more people.

We would also use the business to invest into those who cant afford computers for home school children who don't have the benefits most of us do. While this is long term I feel like its important to plan for action now. 

The return

Whether its a small donation because you want to help start something amazing or a large one and actually purchase one of our Desktops, anything you do to help get a small business of the ground would be amazing, we are hoping to do wonderful things with the platform we hope to run. We just hope people have the same view.


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