MambOn2 Saturday Afternoon & Early Evening Socials

by Asif Rahman in London, England, United Kingdom

MambOn2 Saturday Afternoon & Early Evening Socials
We did it
On 21st March 2018 we successfully raised £173 with 7 supporters in 28 days

To raise enough for a Saturday afternoon/early eve social for on2 dancers to practice and social. Next Social on March 31st - 3pm to 7pm.

by Asif Rahman in London, England, United Kingdom

The short stuff:

For those part of the Facebook group, the next social on 10th or 31st March requires a little help from our friends. Any contributors will have a priority guest list unless the 78 person Maximum is reached, where as refunds will be offered (first come first served). This is for People who are in the FB socials group already.

Any money (surplus or otherwise) collected will be kept in a kitty for the next month if we cannot obtain the venue in time. I will put in the remainder if we get at least half the money raised here. Those who pay get a reserved place guaranteed (up to 78 people is our max). Those who want to pay on the door risk refusal if we are full (which happened in the first hour last time). £5 entry, £50 for a decision making group to be created for venue and music policy.

Our first Mambo night (27th January 2018) was a success but funded by me, the next is this weekend (also funded by me). However due to some recent restrictions in March, I need to obtain funds for the Next Social on March 31st : 3pm to 7pm.

Costs £4 if you pay here, £5 at the door. 


I've been dancing for 4 years. I recently moved to on2 but have found it hard to get the practice in due to location and finding on2 dancers other than TNT, Palladium and Pexava etc. There are a number of practice groups, but I don't do classes well and I hate having a short social after classes...Having spoken to a few people, if any of the below comments I have heard also resonate, and you have a Saturday afternoon or early evening free, I will be sending out invites for a social which will appear in different areas around 3 weeks in advance maybe once a month (depending on how this funding attempt goes). We had our first Mambo night (27th January 2018) which was a success but funded by me and our next one this weekend (Feb) . However due to Sound and venue restrictions, I am having to obtain funds for the Next Social on March 31st .

From speaking to a lot of dancers, some comments I have heard resonate with me:

  • "Got kids, can't make it out most evenings"
  • "The local scene died when the music got worse, DJs were replaced by repetitive playlists"
  • "Distance was an issue as I didn't want to drive into London"
  • "Getting home late meant I could not go out as I live too far from the events"
  • "The better dancers left for better music or stopped dancing as a result"
  • "After the class was over, the social lasted an hour at the most, they played a mixture of music that didn't give me the chance to get into the right mood or practice."
  • "Want to go to a place where there is no pressure to look good or impress anyone. Just to dance and have fun."
  • "I need practice but not with the pressure of a club environment"

This is purely to bring people together to social dance but allow them their late evenings with their families or other commitments they may have (including later dance events!). This is not about money at all, but I am looking for future events to be booked by this crowd funding idea so that we all contribute to what we really enjoy with no profit implied.

This will not impact actual promoter nights as the idea is to fill gaps so if there if a big London event that weekend, these events will be either postponed or another date selected. Money will be kept for future events.

As this is strictly not for profit and purely to keep momentum for us who want to dance. The list of responsibilities are intentionally kept low so that everyone can have guilt free social dancing. Also and a non negotiable rule, any Mambo nights that clash that day and are in the same area means we forfeit till the next month. the idea is to grow the scene NOT compete like chicken shops :)

Our first Mambo night (27th January 2018) was a success but funded by me, the next is this weekend (also funded by me). However due to some recent restrictions in March, I need to obtain funds for the Next Social on March 31st : 3pm to 7pm.

The Rules :

  • Music policy mambo and cha cha only. No pop salsa, no Bachata to Kizomba - People who have contributed can bring a playlist of their own (based on FB votes in the group) , or a DJ can play but no payment is implied at this stage.
  • As this is free to all others apart from the investors there will be a number of provisos.. Such as a door policy included, no sleazing, respect for dance space, no dipping shenanigans including any further policies agreed with the funders.
  • A ticketing process will be used to allow people in. Crowd Fund contributors (£5 or over) have free entry.
  • Bring the right attitude to the door , no judgements.
  • No videos of social dancing (if we wanted to perform, we'd be on stage)
  • No teaching, unless structured and agreed at future places by the investors or agreed for free
  • Location to change (based on funds received in a reasonable time to book a venue suitable)

As numbers may dictate venue size. Priority on those who contribute will be given but the event is open to all on2 dancers (with a prosocial attitude!) especially those who are new to On2 who want to practice and learn more.

Initial outlay: (for reference but not exact)

Costs £4 if you pay here, £5 at the door. 

Aiming for 4 hours dancing
I have a reasonable play list but we can alternate, with others (see votes for each event)
If anyone wants to contribute by providing a sound system, that would help also. Otherwise I will try to supply one or get one from the venue (be aware of cost increase)
Decisions on timing were polled and the majority are at 5pm - 9pm and 2pm-6pm so  3pm to 7pm is the compromise.

No clashes with big mambo events
Location will change but will be in zone 1-3 (i hope!) for London,
By setting a clear objective and set of rules, I hope this will encourage the right dancer to the floor and those who want to fund this will be able to have a say on where we take this..


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£4 or more

2 of 30 claimed

March event: Discount Guest list for 1

Pay now and get a guest list for yourself.

£8 or more

1 of 15 claimed

March event: Me plus 1 Discount

Pay for you and your friend at a discounted rate

£50 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Large sum Investors, JUNE EVENT

a separate group will be created for larger sum investors. They will vote on venues, which we will all work together to find) and also whether hiring a dj or any sound issues are to be decided on since they may incur cost. Each person can Veto invites to 3 people also. I am offering this to promote the right attitude for attendees.

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