Mama Dolce: free-from ice cream with a conscience

by Jane Visram in London, England, United Kingdom


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You can make our indulgent free-from ambitions a reality. By joining the Mama Dolce tribe, your support will fund our first commercial run.

by Jane Visram in London, England, United Kingdom

Join the Mama Dolce tribe. 

Your support will fund our first commercial run and enable us to deliver ice cream straight to your door! 

We have created six delicious flavours which cater to both traditional and modern taste buds.

  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Free from the main allergens (dairy, nuts, eggs, soya, gluten, and wheat)
  • Packaged sustainably


                                We know, we know... it's January.

Who launches an ice cream brand in the middle of wintertime I hear you ask?! Well, lockdown happened… twice! However, a scoop of ice cream is great no matter the time of year!

Why Mama Dolce?

Along with 2 million of our fellow Brits, Jane Visram suffers from food allergies. It means she often can’t enjoy the same tasty treats as her friends and family!

Unable to find a free-from dessert which satisfied her desires, she got to work in her own kitchen.    

The result? Six carefully crafted ice creams - all free from the main allergens with a taste to rival their luxury, dairy counterparts.

Now it's time to get our brand out there.


Navigating a Pandemic

As hundreds of thousands of us became unemployed, a team of volunteers - attracted by Jane and her mission - passionately rallied around this exciting startup, all whilst having never met in person.

With the ongoing months of disruption hugely affecting the hospitality industry, it very quickly became clear that Jane would have to amend her original plan of selling Mama Dolce business to business. The team never lost hope and adapted to be able to deliver directly to you.

Why we need your help

Jane has been 'bootstrapping' with Mama Dolce so far - everything has been paid for from her savings, whilst also working full time to build the company. With your support, the funds gathered through your pledges will:

  • Create our first production run
  • Test our delivery model
  • Give us vital feedback

What’s in it for you? A delicious delivery of indulgence to your doorstep and you’ll also be the first to try the official Mama Dolce flavours!

But there's more...


With your support, everyone can experience the magic of sharing food

The sharing of food bonds families and friends. It creates strong memories and connections that are difficult to shake. That’s why Mama Dolce has created six undeniably indulgent free-from flavours that will cater to all taste buds, no matter your dietary requirements.




By backing us, you’re backing our mission to be a company with a conscience

Social change is at the core of our business. Our dream is to be able to provide opportunities for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. We want to inspire future generations. 

Together, we can save the planet

Sustainability is close to our hearts. We aim to promote a sustainable way of living, not only through giving people access to tasty plant-based sweet treats but also in our production line and packaging. Mama Dolce is free-from, with love x




Social change never tasted so good

By becoming part of the Mama Dolce tribe, you are contributing towards this vision. 

Your funding will launch us into a world where we can deliver straight to your doorstep, and navigate the next steps into making our dreams a reality. 




Don't just take our word for it...

“Your ice-cream is absolutely incredible. So luxurious and tasty - wish I hadn’t eaten it all! I think the chocolate flavour is my favourite but even that is a hard choice.” - Matthew Mawson

"This [mango] ice cream tastes like the tropics! ... Delicious chocolate ice cream! Mark had no idea it was vegan!” - Julintip Thirasilpa

"As someone who is unable to eat dairy, this product has definitely changed my view on reaching for the non-dairy alternatives without having to compromise on taste. My favourite flavour was the banana and lime one. I haven’t tasted or seen a flavour like it." - Marina Bekiet 

"Mama Dolce tastes indulgent and despite being dairy free it does not compromise on the creaminess we're all looking for in our favourite ice cream." - Ban Hass

Mama Dolce

free-from, with love x



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£29 or more

Pick 'n' Mix: You deserve a treat!

A box of 3 luxurious free-from ice creams of your choice. Pick your three favourites: Banana & Lime, Chocolate Indulgence, Coconilla, Mango, Raspberry or Strawberry.

£29 or more

Mama Dolce's Neapolitan

Three Classic Flavours (with a twist) made to be eaten together: Chocolate Indulgence, Coconilla and Strawberry.

£45 or more

You're so sweet! Box of 6

The complete Mama Dolce collection shipped directly to your door. Starring: Banana & Lime, Chocolate Indulgence, Coconilla, Mango, Raspberry and Strawberry. You will also receive a limited edition Mama Dolce freezer bag for all your ice cream on-the-go needs.

£75 or more

Ice Cream Of The Crop: Foodservice Delight

2 x 4.75L trial of luxurious free-from ice cream, delivered directly to your home or restaurant! Choose from: Banana & Lime, Chocolate Indulgence, Coconilla, Mango, Raspberry or Strawberry. To order more than 2 tubs, please contact

£100 or more

5 of 15 claimed

Living the ice cream dream

Receive box of 4 luxurious free-from ice creams from our launch collection: Banana & Lime, Chocolate Indulgence, Coconilla, Mango, Raspberry or Strawberry. In addition, choose 2 flavours from our list of experimental flavours below. You will receive a one-off, experimental, handcrafted ice creams: churned with the same values we poured into our launch collection. Choose from: Cococcino, Lychee, Mojito & Salted Caramel.

£600 or more

A subscription you won't want to cancel!

Become a member of the Mama Dolce Tribe and receive a delivery of three tubs of ice cream every month straight to your door. Have your ice cream quota taken care of for the next 12 months. Choose your three flavours: Banana & Lime, Chocolate Indulgence, Coconilla, Mango, Raspberry and Strawberry. You will also receive a limited edition Mama Dolce freezer bag for all your ice cream on-the-go needs.

£1,000 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Get the inside scoop: Investor Access

The complete Mama Dolce launch collection will be shipped directly to your door. A tasting session to be arranged at your convenience along with an exclusive chat with our founder Jane about her Mama Dolce journey so far and what 2021 holds. You will also receive a limited edition Mama Dolce freezer bag for all your ice cream on-the-go needs.

Let's make 'Mama Dolce: free-from ice cream with a conscience' happen

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