Commercial Space needed to meet customer demand

by Gaye Nelson in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Commercial Space needed to meet customer demand


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High demand as no competition in our area. Limited orders can be accepted due to lack of space. Commercial kitchen is needed to grow.

by Gaye Nelson in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We started our business during the lockdown last year from our home kitchen. Ever since it has blown up and we cannot believe how much of a demand there is for Mexican Food. Sadly we cannot accept every order as we operate from a very small kitchen with one person cooking and the other delivering.

There is so much potential as no competition but we need  commercial space to trade.

People love our food due to the unique recipes and high quality ingredients we use.

We want to grow and we know the demand is there. The only thing missing is a little support to kick start.

 Thats why we are here :-)

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