Mama Mboga - PhD research on entrepreneurship

Mama Mboga - PhD research on entrepreneurship

The aim is to raise funds for my PhD fieldwork - the tickets to Kenya and back.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As a PhD candiate in Edinburgh University,

This research looks at the entrepreneurial role of the mama mboga ( women and men who sell fresh food produce) in some of the urban areas of kenya. 

The aim is to contribute towards understanding the way these women (majority) have adapted and moulded their enetrprises overtime, shedding light on  several aspects of their practice, degree of importance and inginuity. 

As an African myself, this research will contribute towards the very people who raised me, women and men who combined their entrepreneural zeal with agaricultural background to make a successful life. 

This money will go a long way in easing my financial constraints, as a self funded student who is struggling to make ends meet.