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mama belly smile- Belly mask to reduce stretch marks.

by Mama Belly smile in Purfleet, England, United Kingdom

According to the NHS 8 out of 10 pregnant woman in the UK develop stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are not harmful and they do not cause medical problems but after the baby is born the marks become scars and don't go away completely causing some women to feel a bit uncomfortable and less confident with their body. 

When I had my kids I faced the same issue and I started using different Natural raw materials such as almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter and cucumber & lemon to reduce my scars and make them less evident. 

So I created Mama Belly smile  to share my product with many other women. 

Mama Belly smile 


Mama belly smile is a belly mask made using only natural ingredients and "HELL NO" artificial ingredients. 


The main ingredients are : 

- Aloa vera - Almond oil - Coconut oil - Lemon 

Why this particular ingredients: Aloa vera, Almond oil and Coconut oil help to regenerate skin tissue, While the lemon Juice is natural acidity help heal and reduces scars. 

Where do we go from here? 

I have created some samples so far and tested with few friends of mine. I want to be able to create the official version in order to sell in beauty stores across the UK. It all comes with a cost hence why I am crowdfunding to raise enough capital to fund packaging, ingredients and production with a cosmetic manufacturer. 

I need your support and it's not just about the money, to help me hit my target you can share with friends family and spread the word about mama belly smile. Thank you.


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