Malawi United Football Club

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Malawi United Football Club
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I am raising funds to enable me to purchase land in Malawi, to transform into a modern football development centre for the young generation.

by Kyle McClelland in

I aim to transform wasted land in Malawi into a modern football development centre, for the young generation of Malawi to show and develop their talents.

My wider aim is that this community can thrive, and with the non-profit football centre, we can also impact the greater area by providing support to the surrounding towns, with regards to healthcare and clean water supplies.

Of Malawi's population of 18million, 44% are aged 14 or younger. This would be an incredible opportunity to give these kids a chance to spend time on the pitch, and allow them to boost their chances of a better future.

I believe that this is an unprecedented move, and that with your support, we can develop Malawi into a nation that can showcase their football abilities on the world stage by 2030.


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