Making the Homeless Feel Human

Making the Homeless Feel Human

To remind the homeless that being on the floor does not make them less human. A project to lift them up and show them love for christmas.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £91 with 5 supporters in 14 days

Recently I was low on money so decided I should just take the time to talk to a few homeless people, give time instead of money and be a friend. I was speaking to someone I see regularly with a cardboard sign simply saying "God bless you. Have a good day." Something about it just clicked that I don't get words like that from people who have 100 times than him. I asked how his night was and he literally just said "it was OK, a bit cold."

The night in question wasn't anywhere near as cold as it can get and I realised why we hear of homeless people dying when it gets cold, with no protection from the weather.

The goal is this: instead of buying 2000 budget meals for people, select a smaller number very vulnerable homeless people and really care for them. Buy them a high quality waterproof sleeping bag that will give them something closer to the feeling we get when we get into bed on a cold night. A team is also being built who can go and spend time speaking with them and literally donating time as well as money. Remind them that being on the floor does not make them less human!

Please even if its only £1, it will be amazing to really show these people love and lift them up a bit. Even if you have a message to give them or want to be involved in the team who will be their friends; anything will be appreciated!

Thank you & have a great Christmas.








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