Make Small Venue Live Events Viable Post COVID-19

by Remade Guitars in Dolgellau, Wales, United Kingdom

Make Small Venue Live Events Viable Post COVID-19
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Combining small venue live events with a live streaming solution to improve their viability in a reduced capacity post COVID-19 environment.

by Remade Guitars in Dolgellau, Wales, United Kingdom

I've enjoyed going to live music in small venues for the past 4 decades. More recently I've been lucky enough to work as a live sound engineer in some of these venues but more and more of them are closing and COVID-19 and its current period of enforced closure followed by a likely further period of vastly reduced capacity  will close many more. 

I believe that one solution is for small venues to offer a combination of live events and simultaneous live streaming. This will effectively increase the capacity of these venues making them more financially viable and giving the local artists they most often support a much wider potential audience all without losing that special buzz of a live event with a live audience. The money raised here and through grant applications will be used to purchase equipment to provide a high quality live stream setup so that live events, with a live audience held at a small venue can be live streamed, through a pay wall if required, live into peoples homes. Funding this way through grants and crowd funding means that with no loans to service I will be able to charge venues the same price for this live streamed service as I would for my services as just a live sound engineer. After the first year there will need to be a slight increase to cover replacement costs. 

In addition to my live sound work I am also a guitar technician and course tutor with a retail outlet in beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales. All of my employment is currently on hold so this period of enforced hiatus in the industry means that I have time to up-skill and be ready to go as soon as venues, performers and audiences are able and comfortable to return to live music and other events.

 If you fund this project you will be helping to create a model that will give small venues, even with vastly reduced capacity a chance to survive. Not only that though, it will also help reduce the carbon footprint of live performances and make them more accessible to everyone regardless of their geographical location, physical or mental disability, childcare situation or family and work commitments. 


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