Making Foreign Firefighters Safer

Making Foreign Firefighters Safer

Help other less fortunate people save lives! Bosnian firefighters desperately need help to provide water and rope rescue.

We did it!

On 6th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Having recently returned from Bosnia helping to teach the Bosnian firefighters in a number of rescue disciplines. They've asked for help in creating a Rope Rescue & Water Rescue Team. These individuals are so passionate that they turned to their own bank asking for a loan that the firefighters themselves would pay for. However the bank declined them the loan. In recent years Bosnia has had devastating floods which has in turn caused the mines left over from the previous war to be spread across areas previously safe to walk on. These firefighters earn approximately €7000 a year and they're willing to try to pay for this kit and equipment themselves. If they did buy the kit, the cost of the training they're asking for would amount to approximately £30,000, but we as professional rescue workers and instructors are willing to donate our time for free. Our organisation 'Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships' want to help them. However we do not have the funds to do this and lives could be saved with this equipment and training. For £5000 we provide a team of 4 to go to Bosnia for 2 weeks, and purchase them the kit that they need to save lives. Kit that we are fortunate enough to have over here. 

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