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Making our communities epilepsy friendly

by Epilepsy Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


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To raise awareness of epilepsy and make our communities more epilepsy friendly.

by Epilepsy Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

People with epilepsy can be anxious accessing their community for fear of collapsing in public or suffering an injury.  

Epilepsy Scotland launched the Epilepsy Friendly Award to recognise organisations that are accessible to people with epilepsy and demonstrate an ability and willingness to help. Organisations display a window sticker to show they have considered the barriers facing people with epilepsy.  We want to build a network of epilepsy friendly places.  The criteria for achieving the award are simple. We can also offer training and advice to help organisations meet the criteria:

  • Train staff to recognise epilepsy and respond appropriately if they witness a seizure
  • Make reasonable adjustments to your working environment
  • Offer customer information on-site and online to help people access your business
  • Promote awareness of epilepsy
  • Encourage customer feedback
  • Raise awareness of our helpline 

We want to make sure that people with epilepsy can access businesses and services confidently and safely. Making your premises accessible does not mean making large or expensive changes; small inexpensive adjustments can make a world of difference to a person with epilepsy.

‘Sometimes I get so confused - when I’m having a series of small seizures, I can just stand in an aisle unsure of what’s going on. People misjudge me, thinking I’m up to no good. If staff recognised I’m struggling and give me a space to sit down quietly, that would be so incredible.’ 

Epilepsy Scotland wants to reach as many people as possible across Scotland, to do this we need funding to travel and be able to offer the Epilepsy Friendly Award free to small businesses, public sector, and third sector organisations. By getting out and meeting people in communities and by more people learning about epilepsy and how it can affect people we hope to build a greater understanding, making Scotland more epilepsy friendly.  

Let's make 'Making our communities epilepsy friendly' happen

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