Making and Donating Face Masks!

by Jess & Letty at UK Mask Makers in United Kingdom

Making and Donating Face Masks!


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Mission: To make and donate face masks, while giving work to unemployed sewers.

by Jess & Letty at UK Mask Makers in United Kingdom

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The Mission

To make and donate as many face masks as possible, while giving work to unemployed sewers.


The Masks

We've made and tested some great prototypes to make sure the masks are both effective and comfortable:

- Machine washable at 90 degrees (COVID-19 is inactivated by soap, and at temperatures over 70 degrees)

- Triple layer to maximise aerosol resistance. We use tight woven cotton outer layers, with a filter between them. The filter does not need to be changed, as the whole mask can be washed.

- Two sizes to suit different face shapes.


The Monies

£4.50 will pay for 1 fully reusable mask. The more masks you're able to donate the better :)

So you know where your money is going, we've put together a cost breakdown:

  • £0.70 - materials
  • £2.80 - labour
  • £0.20 - distribution
  • £0.80 - sourcing, admin, set up etc


Giving Employment

We're pleased to have a wonderful network of sewers working on this project with us. They're all fantastic and highly qualified people, who are otherwise out of employment due to coronavirus (think of the number of weddings that have been cancelled...!).


But people need masks NOW, not at the end of this campaign!

Don't worry, we'll produce masks as and when donations come in. As soon as they're ready, we'll send them out. This means we can get the masks to people much sooner than if we waited until the end of the campaign.


Where do the masks go?

The list of people and organisations needing masks is endless. Examples include care home workers and residents, NHS staff, and supermarket workers. As soon as masks are ready, we'll send them to whoever needs them most at the time, and keep you updated with where they're going.

If you know any people or organisations that need masks - either by donation or to purchase - please ask them to fill out this form.


Thank you for your help - we're extremely grateful for any support you are able to offer.

Lots of love during all the chaos,

Jess & Letty

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