To get back to work, for a home

by Beatrice Beach in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

To get back to work, for a home
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To be able to pay for the first nursery fees in order to get back to work, *cant edit the amount* in need of 1000 not 5000

by Beatrice Beach in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Me and my partner just seem Like we can’t catch a break, sooo we thought we would try here, I feel like my cause is fairly trivial compared to other crowdfunders. However it would just give us such a sense of relief. I am in desperate need to start work in order to be able to continue to save for our own house. We have had two very stressful years. Since finding out I was pregnant we moved in to my partners parents house so we could save for our baby, from there when she was born we moved in to his sisters very small 2 bed house. We are just chasing our tails trying to save money as my partner doesn’t have a well paid job. That’s why I need to get back to work as soon as I can but it’s such a big payment which is so daunting for us. We are hard working and just want to be able to provide a stable and secure home for our baby girl and this would just be such a great help to an already stressed and tense situation. If your willing to lend us a hand we would be ever so great full ! Life can just be so testing at times  

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