Making a future for my disabled son

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Making a future for my disabled son
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I would like to make a small business to save up money for my disabled son. I don't have much but any money I make from my Ebay I buy him

by Jason crisp in

  • Hi my name is Jay

I make this to ask for help to make a business to help put money away for my disabled son I want the best future for him.

He has fluid on his brain and is slowing his learning down he is 5 but has educational of 2 year old. I am 33 and I want to make his future the best I can for when he gets older.

If I can expand my current situation

I sell custom tshirt and sell them online and what ever I make I buy for my son toys etc... he needs items that bring laughter and he is a right little monster

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