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by Daniel Hamer in Throwley, England, United Kingdom


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We want to be able to create a space, where hurting, broken, lonely ,grieving ,used and abused, people can come and be open and not afraid..

by Daniel Hamer in Throwley, England, United Kingdom

In light of all that as happened and the effects of it, from covid 19, to the abuse stories coming out in the news over the years and even recently within the football scene,the mental and emotional pressure because of the last year..

We would like to create a space, where grieving, hurting ,broken, used or abuse, lonely or sad, even angry or glad, confused or sane people can come and know.. 

it's okay. to not be okay, it's alright to not be alright, those trying to "hold it together, let them know ,  it's okay, to just let go.. of the pain and sadness, tears and fears, anger or grief..

This is a place whereby you can just be and be able to say how you feel, without judgement or fear of rejection, but to enable people to use two of  the best gifts we have, our mouths to speak and share our hearts and our tear ducts to cry..

My wife and I ,coming from a place of being effected by grief and abuse, both sexually and physically, hurt and broken, by loss of loved ones committing suicide and being  murdered , children ,family and friends ,being brought up in abusive situations and circumstances, but coming out of it, facing up to the effects and damage it caused us as individuals and to others.

Living through and getting over a lot of things that many other peoples lives have and are been touched with the same things

 we really want to create a place and space for others to know they can be free..

To be themselves, no matter what they may have been through or are still going through, a space whereby they able to take off whatever masks they have had to wear or hide behind or to let go off the things, they have depended on, to ease or take the pain away(temporarily) only to have to face it all again and sometimes the effects of trying to hide the pain or hurt we feel or end up doing to others, even sometimes and especially to those we love and care for the most..

Such is the effects of pain or suffering not expressed in the right way and in the right atmosphere, which is really our aim and vision, to enable people to be able to do so!  

We see, (as we live in the garden of England, Kent) a farm environment, whereby people can come to the country away from the hustle and pressures of their own lives and be able to relax , (for day sessions , weekends even a week or maybe months) in their own private chalet ( we would like to start with as many living spaces as possible ), also to accommodate  families and those who would like to make a difference as well, who will join in with making the vision grow, blossom and flourish, as it should.

We will obviously need financial support, for both long term and short term, but having the right people to come alongside and bring their own gifts, talents and brokenness, I think on both sides of the field, whether you come to help or are in need of help, only the hurting and broken need to apply, those who have faced up to their own hurts and brokenness and those who need to, we all  just come together, to be different and be the difference, by being, open, honest and transparent.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

Rewards would be the to come and stay with us

The rewards would be given to those who help, by allowing them once a year to come and stay with us, for a day or maybe weekend to see what all their time, love and effort as created and the difference they have made and are a part of!

Let's make 'Making a difference' happen

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