Making a bleak Christmas better

Making a bleak Christmas better

Raise enough money to get a Xbox One console for a homeless child, to replace the one that they no longer have,

We did it!

On 23rd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £249 of £199 target with 10 supporters in 28 days

Several days ago, a friend of our family was made homeless. This friend is a child.

Thankfully social services have stepped in and got them a place in sheltered accomodation. 

However, as well as facing living on their own for the first time at the age of just 16, they're also moving into a bare bedsit, with only the bare essentials, some clothes and the assistance packs that local charities and Social Services have provided.

Amongst the small amount of possessions that this child has, (think of a suitcase full of clothes, and a cardboard box) are a small handful of Xbox one games. But no console.

For reasons unknown, the child's father has declared the console, as not being theirs, despite this having been given as a gift. Despite the child's social workers best efforts, it would appear that there is no chance of getting it back.

So, this is the reason for this webpage. To be able to give the child some semblance of normality, to let them fill some of the empty time that they will now face living alone. To let them know, that, despite the last fortnights events, that most people are generally decent, compassionate people.

So, I'm looking for £199, the price of a basic Xbox One in Argos. So that on Christmas day, we can give them a present that we know they really want.

Should the original console magically appear in the interim, any funds raised from this effort will be donate to the Bandi Appeal

Close friends and family, will know what this child has been through, lets make it Happy Christmas, regardless.

For obvious reasons, I'm not giving the full details, or the childs name.

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