Make Taunton Sparkle - Taunton Christmas Lights

We're raising money to make Taunton Sparkle with Christmas lights and to put on a fantastic Switch On event!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We need to raise £25000 to make sure Taunton has Christmas lights again this year, and to put on a fantastic Switch On display!

To hire, install and power the lights, plus hire the stage for the Switch On event we must raise £25000. Taunton Deane Borough Council have very generously agreed to match fund £10k, but if we don't find the other £15k we can kiss it all goodbye and we won't get any lights!

When Taunton lost the 'Taunton BID' (which was paid into by the local traders), it also lost the pot of money that helped fund Taunton Christmas lights. Since 2012, Cllr Kelly Durdan and her group of helpers have made it their mission to Make Taunton Sparkle every Christmas, appealing to businesses and residents of Taunton to dip into their pockets to help keep the tradition of fantastic Christmas lights in the town centre, and this year is no different...but we're running out of time!

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There will always be a split of opinion when it comes to 'who is responsible' for the cost of the Christmas lights, many say the council should dip into their coffers and foot the whole bill, 

others say it's the responsibility of businesses and traders in the town as they're the ones wh

o will benefit from the increased footfall.  But here we are creating an opportunity where we can all come to

Let's give people a reason to come to Taunton this Christmas!  Please pledge what you can, and if you'd rather donate some rewards then please get in touch, there is always a way you can do your bit!gether as a community - council, business and public - to Make Taunton Sparkle and help the town thrive this Christmas. When those lights are turned on, on 23rd November, it will be us who can proudly say "We made this happen, we made Taunton Sparkle!".

Thank you!

NEWS JUST IN - If you pledge £5000 to the Make Taunton Sparkle Crowdfunder campaign, not only will your company be the main event sponsor for the Christmas light Switch On with your company branding all over the stage, you'll also receive coverage in local (and hopefully national) media, social media and NOW thanks to the very generous folk at Tone FM, you'll get 6 months free radio advertising!

THANK YOU to the following businesses who have agreed to pledged money or rewards over the value of £50!


 Mime Architects