Make Thing Happen Travel & Events company

Make Thing Happen Travel & Events  company

We aim to raise money for marketing and promotion to connect and empower Travel and Events service businesses to potential client.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Make Things Happen is a diverse, and innovating platform connecting Travel, Events and Entertainment services to potential client .we bridge the gap by connecting business and people one one platform. Our goal is to make things happen by creating an experience of a lifetime, and our purpose is to help to help event, and entertainment suppliers create and empower small business in this niche service category.

Our new FREE advertising platform is an amazing tool in which we use to do this. The platform will promote and create brand awareness for different events suppliers with the opportunity to earn extra income or discount on our travel partners programme.


Business and potential clients can also benefit from:

  • Their channel directory page o showcase their brand and gain target exposure with unlimited free quotes  for local and national coverage 
  • up to 25 discount or commission on travel services including holiday packages with our partners in Travel programme 
  • upcoming suppliers events to create brand awareness to potential clients 
  • our affiliate program which pays commission on referrals to other event suppliers or event promoters.

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We are looking for funding to kick-start the event side of the business and also for the marketing and promotional side of the business.

We are also open for investment opportunities.