Make LemonWater100 incredible

by Steven John in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Make LemonWater100 incredible
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We're a small independent smart up business which want to make a new British soft drink that is tasty, healthy & wellness drinks.

by Steven John in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

This summer is all about fruity refreshing soft drinks and that is what LemonWater100 will deliver the customer. 

An all natural, no bits, no pips, hydration soft drink

It will be made exactly the way it should be, with no added sugar and of course, absolutely nothing artificial.

I am a 23 year old student studying Business Management at university in England. I have been successful starting six businesses that make a profit every year. I want to create a British soft drink company that sells great quality refreshments at an affordable price.

When investing not only will you get a letter to say thank you, I will keep you updated with the business and will soon be able to offer you free soft drinks and vouchers to save money on the drinks.

The reason I need to crowdfund is to get the ball rolling and make the business into something more than just an idea.

Natural Hydration at a glance

  • The coconut water category is now worth almost $1 billion dollars with over fifty brands operating in the UK alone
  • What A Melon is the 1st watermelon water brand in the UK that's available in Tetrapak and doesn't have to be distributed and stored chilled (lower carbon footprint)
  • The natural hydration drinks sector is currently worth £36.3m in UK grocery alone and is currently growing at a phenomenal 73% YOY*
  • 72% of modern day consumers are interested in sports drinks made with all natural ingredients (Mintel, June 2015)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 reward - Free gift and letter

I will send you a thank you gift and letter within 28 days of your investment.

£50 or more

Free big gift

You will get a big gift within 28 days of your investment.

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