Make Galaxy Gaming Happen!

Make Galaxy Gaming Happen!

Make Galaxy Gaming Centre Happen

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Who am I?

So ... My name is Guillermo Perez ( William in English ) and i moved from spain to the UK when i was 12.
Ive been gaming since the age of 5 ... my first game was Prince of Persia and it was in a floppy disk lol, my whole life ive been wanting to do something with gaming wether it be designing a game or developing or taking part in anything to do with gaming.

Any Qualifications?

At school i got afew GCSEs and after school i did one year of Travel and Tourism, after that i did four years of Music Practice at college ( I play 6 instruments ) and in between all that i was trying to figure ways to do something with gaming and i did afew things like opening private servers and stuff like that from a game called Last Chaos, it taught me alot and i mean ALOT.

I also taught myself to build a PC from scratch and eventually ive made alot of computers for myself and my kids and my friends. A lot of trial and error in the mean time but i also learnt to fix PCs so that is a bonus for what i want to do.

What do I want to do?

For the past 6 months ive been thinking of opening a gaming centre in Kent where i live.
I would like to make a wonderfull community of people from all ages background and race and get them playing together in what i would like to call "Galaxy Gaming"

The things I want to offer would include:

Top of the range gaming technology.
Excellent customer service.
Competitive prices and opening hours.
Indoor facilities like toilets, small kitchen area, sitting area.
Most played online games and recent titles.
Excellent visual atmosphere.
24/7 CCTV in operation inside and outside.
Encourage the use of PCs for job searching for people on benefits and possibly work with JCP.

I also have ideas of holding tournaments every month, giveaways, one day just for children and their parents, even hold classes on how to make a game from scratch !
I would want my children to have a future and for them to take over once they are older, Id like them to be proud of their dad but another thought, this could possibly get alot of teenagers out of trouble in the streets.

Everybody will be able to aford to come even on daily basis, and the gaming community is growing more than ever and it would me amazing to get things going and eventually grow into other cities in the UK that will do the same as the very first one.

Alot of people would love a place to hang out that is cheap, I will have memberships of just £20 per month!
They can bring their friends and be in a secure comfortable place to play or learn or look for a job and hopefully get some people to achive something more than just full on gaming.

I can do this but like everybody here i need some funds.
I will open a FB page with every single update, the growth of the establishment so you can get to see what your donations have achieved and hopefully we can get this going and make lots of people happy, less lonely and even learning scripting and how to make a game! ( oh the pic is similar to what Id like ) 

Will you please help?

Anything is greatly apreciated from the bottom of my heart because i think this dream can be possible.

Once again, Thank you !!!