#MakeChangeYourBtch, a woman's way!

by Jay Stone in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

#MakeChangeYourBtch, a woman's way!
We did it
On 25th December 2019 we successfully raised £1,625 with 45 supporters in 28 days

A change management + coaching online toolkit for female managers, providing tools for coping with + leading their team through change.

by Jay Stone in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

In December 2019, Jay Stone launched a crowdfunding campaign to deliver a change management and coaching online toolkit for female managers with the goal of helping them lead their teams through change while coping with it themselves. 

The programme “#MakeChangeYourBtch, a woman's way!” raised 100 percent of its initial funding target rapidly showing the need for this programme. 

The project now has a stretch target to widen the scope to reach more women across the UK, with funding opportunities available until the Dec 24, 2019 deadline. Funders can contribute here: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/make-change-your-btch.

Achieving the stretch target will allow us to widen the scope of the project to deliver the toolkit to more women across the UK, and even internationally, in a highly accessible and affordable way.

Supporting more women to cope and lead in this fast-changing, dynamic business-world without falling into burnout.

There's nothing else quite like it out there!

I'm crowdfunding to build an Online Toolkit and Support Network to help WOMEN MASTER CHANGE AT WORK.

We need to address the anxiety and loss of control that so many of us feel around change, in a proactive way, before exhaustion takes hold.

We live in a time when change has become a constant part of UK business.

And the pace and scope of change is only increasing.

Fear makes change personal.


When we are afraid, the rational side of our brains shuts down and we literally can’t hear or think as well.

Workplace change is a primary cause of work-related stress.

12.8 million working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression + anxiety, costing UK businesses + taxpayers billions (HSE, 2018/2019).

Women + those living/working in the South East (incl. London) most affected.

Why? The chronic lack of diversity in senior roles.

Because women are less likely to hold positions of authority and have little decision-making input when it comes to change.

This leads to overwhelming frustration, hopelessness and burnout. 

Women also continue to battle with working more to prove themselves, but "their ’traditional' duties have continued".

Together, it paints a clear picture; our current ways of working are failing women...

Read more about the problem here


Who is it for?


Designed for female managers and team leaders, based in London + the South East of England.

Either they are going through a period of disruption and change at work or are about to.

Or they want to better prepare themselves for the next time change inevitably comes around.

Research suggests that managers play a crucial role in whether employees experience burnout or not.

But they're also more likely to experience burnout themselves. 

What's the benefit?

  • Feel confident + effective leading your team through change, equipped with the knowledge, skills + behaviours to lead positive change in business.
  • Lay claim to your own energy, creating capacity for more fun + laughter in work + life, armed with coping strategies to deal with change.
  • Help your team to achieve excellence through uncertainty + change, enabling your organisation to improve + innovate.
  • Safeguard against burnout, by proactively cultivating a change culture + embedding change capability within your team, organisation + community.

What's included in the Online Toolkit?

  • Course Portal + Video Classes: Change Psychology, Practicalities + Philosophy
  • Coaching Packs + Course Workbooks; goal setting, templates + resources.
  • Coaching session (worth £150 alone) + Network; providing ongoing support

PLUS a Complimentary Ticket to the first-ever #MakeChangeYourBtch live Event

How will it be done?


By sharing the foundations for What Nobody Ever Taught You about why we inherently find change so difficult.

Combining a winning formula of Coaching, Course & Community:

  • Coaching; a powerful tool to guide others through change, without micromanaging or forcing change, which only produces negative outcomes.
  • Course; a structured + realistic approach to leading change, using proven Change Management, Project Management  + Coaching techniques.
  • Community; creating events + building a community of women to share ideas, stories + support: "Human connection is the key to a quality life"

What's the commitment/cost?

Fitting into a professional woman's busy schedule, course modules will take 2-3 hours a week over a 4-6 week period - with everything online (except the fab live events of course!)

The first 20 women to sign up will get this all:

For JUST £150. 

Valued at Over £1,000! 


Read more about the project here.


Hello, I'm Jay. 


After a pretty gruelling series of changes at work knocked me for six...

I was left sobbing in front of my boss within earshot of everyone in the kitchen next door. 

Not my proudest moment.

Each new wave of change at work would bring the same dread, confusion, and uncertainty.

And ultimately left me feeling powerless!

It was affecting my personal life, my sense of self-worth, my health, my relationship and friendships.

I never wanted to feel like that again. 

So, I got curious about the impact of corporate change and how our experiences of change affect our professional and personal lives.

How I'm qualified...

Whilst working full time, I saved up the cash to fund myself through a Corporate & Executive Coaching Diploma.

An events professional by day, I was studying change and human behaviour by night! 

I spent the following five years researching, and speaking to women and men about their experiences of change.

I qualified as a PRINCE2 Project Manager, and a Change Management Practitioner.

I was taking on roles at work that involved managing people through change, coaching senior executives to lead change with a people focus.

I was working directly with staff to help them build greater understanding, resilience and mental toughness for change. 

Outside of work, I was coaching women on a 1-2-1 basis from all walks of life and running workshops.

Learning more about how change affects teachers, mothers, PHD students, artists, personal trainers, chefs, and many more.

Why trust me...


Because I've been there!

I know what it's like to feel that sense of uncertainty that comes after a big announcement that things are about to change...again and again!

And I've also been on the other side, able to drive well-managed changes through a business.

The #MakeChangeYourBtch Toolkit is my way to support more women to overcome their fears around change. 

And let them know they’re not alone, they’re not powerless, they do have a choice, they just need to cut through the fog to see what's ahead!

Read more about me here

I need your help to get this project off the ground + make it a success, contributing towards the initial set up costs:


  • Building an Online Portal
  • Creating the content
  • Speakers & Special Guests
  • Marketing expertise
  • Marketing collateral 
  • A Sponsorship Fund
  • A Networking Event

Read more about the initial set up costs here.

Your pledge will contribute in so many ways! 


In helping hundreds or even thousands of women who are struggling with the pace and scope of change in today's workplace. 

Check out the Rewards Page where you can contribute as little as £1 and make a positive change in the world of business for women.

In the face of self-doubt, fear, big decisions, sacrifice, and a lot of uncertainty about the future...

...feel confident in your ability to deal with + lead your people through change, with a professional poise + finesse that will get noticed! 

That's what the #MakeChangeYourBtch campaign stands for.

No corporate bullsh!t. No Stuffy Training Rooms. No fluff. 

Making valuable resources MORE accessible and affordable for women than EVER before! 

Harnessing the power of real stories to help more women step into the unknown with confidence - no matter the outcome of change!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Fund the project + get a shout out on social!

Get a shoutout on social for being so awesome! Your £20 pledge will go towards getting this project off the ground + in front of those women who most need it. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

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Thank you so much - just £1 will go to supporting positive change in the workplace, building skills to prevent burnout + helping close the pay gap!

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Fund the networking event + get a ticket too!

Wow thank you so much! You're funding a fantastic event that will bring women together who want to make a positive difference in the workplace! Leading successful change with the well-being of their people in mind. You'll get a ticket for yourself or for someone else.

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Fund the online portal + become a named supporter

This is amazing!! You've just contributed to building the online portal to keep content accessible + affordable for women across the UK. In return, you get your name/company listed as a supporter on the portal for 4 months.

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Be the first to access the toolkit - HUGE DISCOUNT

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Be an awesome leader + support a manager at work!

What an incredible leader you are! You've just sponsored one of your amazing managers to start her journey to becoming an excellent leader of change! You'll see the benefits of having a more energised + empowered workforce, even in the face of constant change.

£150 or more

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Sponsor young adults from disadvantaged background

As we reach our stretch target, we will begin building toolkits for young female adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, including those with parents who have been incarcerated. You can sponsor a young adult to attend the programme, giving access to valuable resources Breaking the Circle of Disadvantage.

£300 or more

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Buy 2 get a 3rd FREE!

Wow! Thank you! You're getting access to the toolkit for 3 brilliant managers, for the price of 2 - BUT AT A HUGE DISCOUNT PER TICKET!!!! What a bargain!

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Sponsors Reward

Wooop woop! You're going to be listed as the main project sponsor on all promotional materials, the portal + the website. You'll also receive access to the course for 3 amazing managers!

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